Terrorists humiliated guests at Taj Hotel and what are we doing?

A leading newspaper, one that I am addicted to, has front page news on December 25 of terrorists humiliating guests at Taj Hotel Mumbai before killing them. Well, while bringing this gruesome act to light is important, isn't preventing further humiliation of those who unfortunately lost their lives for no reason much more crucial?

The front page of the newspaper has a 'blurred' photograph of two unfortunately humiliated Taj hotel guests. The report ends with the newspaper saying that they have refrained from printing most of such pictures.

I just want to understand this:

I understand that the forensic team must have needed the photographs for investigation, but allowing the media to publish these photographs for the entire world to see is beyond my understanding. The headline is strong enough for everyone to understand (and visualize, if I must say) what must have happened. Supporting it with the photograph - uncalled for.

If the terrorists humiliated the guests on that day, aren't we humiliating them further by displaying their 'blurred' photographs? Was it absolutely necessary? Now they would say "In such cases we want to show people how bad it was...". C'mon, words speak enough when gruesome things like this happen. I was very very very hurt to know that this horrible inhuman act happened, that the terrorists did much worse than killing people, but that our own newspaper displayed this photograph was equally disturbing.

I request all media to refrain from printing such photographs when the headline is strong enough to convey what happened. Please.

Cost of cars, cement, edible oil, electronics to reduce - Watch it to believe it

I couldn't believe it! I mean how often do we hear about price-cuts? So when I browsed through the internet and found this video on myPOPKORN.com I watched it some three or more times. Only then was I convinced that the cost of cars, cement, edible oil, electronics is definitely going to reduce.

Indian government has announced a Rs 20,000 Crore Fiscal Stimulus Package to boost our economy! Must say it is a good step by the government.

If you can't view the video on this blog, watch it here.

Still wondering if the price cut would be by just a few paise!

Moon Smile, I Smile, You Smile – And we live happily ever after!

Last evening, Venus, Jupiter and Moon came together in a magical alignment to create a smiling moon on the sky. The moon smiled as we travelled home from work together for the first time after marriage last evening. It couldn’t have been more romantic!

Mrinal was waiting for me at Vashi station. It was my first day at work after marriage and my first ever journey on the central and harbor lines. I, after a long journey (Parel to Kurla, Kurla to Vashi), met him at Vashi and we instantly boarded a Thane-bound train. As we stood near the footboard and the train started moving, I noticed the smiling moon (2 stars and a 3-day old crescent moon) on the sky. I showed it to Mrinal who told me that he too noticed the moon’s smile at that very moment and was about to show it to me. Wow! It was so romantic, so very perfect. As if we were living a fairy tale – they got married, travelled home together gazing at the smiling moon and lived happily ever after!

I felt no more exhausted given that I travelled by all the lines of Mumbai local that day – western central and harbour! It was, as Mrinal said, like the moon saw us travelling home together and smiled. So sweet!

Will miss my friends, cousins on wedding

I dedicate this post to my friends Ranjeeta and Kalpana [who are abroad] and my cousins Aarti Didi and Ekta Bhabhi who won't be here to be a part of my wedding preparations and celebrations.

No words can express how much I miss their presence. They all too want to be here. But then, sometimes some things aren't possible. Am so glad that even when they can't make it, they are a part of the preparations as they call me up regularly and we discuss the smallest of things.

Kalpana is coming to Mumbai after a month only to meet me during one of her trips to India as she can't attend the wedding. Ranjeeta is giving me all the tips and ensuring she stays in touch regularly and has just sent a bundle of gifts to pep me up. Aarti Didi and Ekta Bhabhi are calling up frequently, discussing all the shopping, giving all the suggestions and we talk as if we are sitting together in their house in Delhi.

I must be really lucky to have friends and cousins who care so much that distance doesn't matter.

Will miss you Ranjeeta, Kalpana, Aarti Didi and Ekta Bhabhi, but am so glad you all are around even when you are away. Love you all.

How to outsmart a hard-selling shopkeeper

Mrinal will agree that I am like Kareena's character in the movie Jab We Met, especially when it comes to the statement, "Main apni favourite hoon" [I am my favourite person]. He he... I don't want to be modest, I do love myself as much as I love him, ok, lesser than I love him ;]

Last evening when I was on my trousseau shopping spree, I managed to outsmart the shopkeeper who was capable enough to sell a comb to a bald man. And I love the statement I made.

So we [reminds me of Deepali, the "So" copyright owner] went to this well known saree store and he showed some 10 bridal sarees. But I wanted the best. After all, my wedding is the biggest event of my life. And then, I had already visited all possible trousseau stores in the city and this was supposed to be my last halt.

I really liked a saree but wanted to check out two other stores nearby before purchasing this one. But this man just wouldn't let us go. Now, all four of us wondered how to leave the place and ensure that if we do return, we are treated with the same importance. Isn't it weird to leave store saying we need to check out stuff in other stores as well and then come back to say, "we think you have better stuff"?

Well, the sweet argument gained momentum as this man said, "If you return in an hour, there's good possibility that this saree would have been sold". Oh yeah... the saree might have takers, but within one hour was just too much overconfidence. He was correct about the saree having many takers though as just when i draped it and was wondering if I should buy it, two other families showed interest in the same saree. In fact, one family actually walked up to me and said this is the one I must buy as it suits me great.

Anyway, the question was how to escape smartly and return, if required, with pride. So I said, if I am destined to wear it, I'll get it if I return. Then the shopkeeper said that one should not look for so many options as it will only confuse and you might lose out on the best. What crap! I told him, "Don't we girls meet a few potential bridegrooms before we finalise one? Then why not check out a few sarees to select the best! What do you think?" He he, he was speechless. He could only agree and say, "Ya even that makes sense". I am so happy about that statement, which I have decided now to use everytime I come across such situation.

So we did move out. We did check out a couple of stores. And we did return to buy the same saree. And yes, we were greeted with the same honour we received at our first visit. The shopkeepers were more friendly this once. They allowed me to take some snaps of the saree and even kept on insisting that we have some soft drinks.

Now I wait for the day I'll go and collect one of my most treasured possession for life - my trousseau! Hope I look great on my big day.

Make an anti-bomb spray that no bomb could ever explode

The first thing I heard in the morning was the news of a bomb blast in Malegaon. Again people died, again people got injured. And again people who were 'people' yesterday became a 'number'.
I won't say, for now, that we don't have enough security. The fact that I feel unsafe every single day, that I panicked again when I heard the news of the blast, that I feel scared to move out of my house and my pleas might not help. I have given up hopes for sometime now. C'mon people are coming on bikes and just throwing away bombs as if they were some wrapper of something they just finished eating. So we fine people who litter, perhaps a few think that bombs are not litter.

Now we can't have a policeman behind every single person to see if someone might just throw away a bomb. There has to be a bigger solution.

Wish I was a super genius, a super scientist. I could have invented an anti-bomb spray and would have sprayed the entire world with it. The anti-bomb spray could have created such an effect that no bomb could ever explode, no matter what. Just disinfect the world with it and we would never hear any news related to blasts, no panic, no casualties, no deaths.

But another fact is that I am not a super genius, and this is the first time I am feeling so bad about it. I call the super geniuses , the super scientists of the world to invent something like an anti-bomb spray. Instead of nabbing the culprits, let's make their plans ineffective.

Wishful thinking you might say? Like we have a choice. At least we can hope for the best and work towards it.

Mount Mary fair

The annual Mount Mary fair was as beautiful as ever. Will write about it later.
For now, here are some pics:

I love the decorated city, thank you Lord Ganesh

The festive season has begun and I love the way the entire city is lit up. The pleasant and pious echo of Ganpati aartis all around is so beautiful.

Ganeshotsav has marked the beginning of all the celebrations. Navratri, Onam, Id, Diwali and then my wedding. And as I indulge in shopping now, it's great to see each and every area I visit beautifully lit with those tiny blinking lights. Looks like the city is decorated to bring in my wedding celebrations :] He he... Wow, I just love it.

Too busy to be

Busy as a bee, I am too busy to be. Wondering to be or not to be. But then I love to be his would-be. So I would rather be what I love to be.

Love getting arranged

What was going to be a love marriage is now taking the shape of an arranged marriage. It's time for preparations and celebrations. And to bask in the ultimate joy of a love cum arranged marriage.

It was so sweet to hear Gayatri sounding so happy over the phone as she said, "You and Chintu [Mrinal], Chintu and you... wow". The words still echo in my ears and remind me of the entire journey from friendship to love to marriage. Friends, thanks for all your good wishes and the belief that everything will fall in place :]

Rumours making us a celebrity

Case 1: Last week

A good friend of mine called me up and told me that she was surprised to discover that me and Mrinal got engaged, our marriage date got fixed and we didn't even inform her.

Case 2: Last weekend

One of Mrinal's friends called him up to confirm if we are getting married on 18th November.

Case 3: Yesterday

One of my friends happened to call me up and mentioned that she wasn't aware that me and Mrinal got engaged.

Of course, they all were really happy for us and it felt so good to receive marriage related calls already, and I wish that all of the above becomes a reality soon. However, the fact is that neither our marriage date is finalised, nor we have had any engagement ceromony. Yes, as we aren't going to have any engagement ceremony at all, you may assume that we are engaged. About marriage, of course, we'll announce it as and when it is finalised.

Oh, the celebrity status and the rumours! He he he.

Patience does help

Almost two years of wait. Lot of hope. Lot of frustration at times. No doubt about the self-assurance that one day things will work out, but obviously some fear. He kept saying time will help. I believed him every time he said so. But then, I am not that patient a person [alright, if you take the word 'patient' literally, the case is different]. I waited and hoped for the best. We did work towards it, but slowly, one step at a time.

And suddenly, everything seems to fall in place. The two years disappeared in a mist as if there had been no problem. It's a new day today, a new life to begin. Everything appears so magical, so beautiful. And you know what makes it all the more beautiful? The way all my friends feel happy for me, straight from the heart, making it all much more special for me.

I would have never believed, but now I'm sure that patience, I mean lot of patience, as long as two years of wait, does help.

As Lord Krishna said, "Karm kiye ja, phal ki chinta mat kar", meaning perform your duties well, don't worry about the fruits.

A piece of advice - Love is beautiful, true love is magical, at times it does take time for the beginning of 'happily ever after', but then, it's worth the wait.

Welcome to the new layout

Needed some change. Made some out here. Let me know how you find the new layout of my blog.

I love love

I love being in love. When everything around seems to go wrong, love stays by your side to show that you are loved. Thanks love, thanks Mrinal.

Catching up

Look back at the pages of your life and you will come across many people who were your good friends / colleagues at a point of time and today they are just a number on your mobile's contact list. Or perhaps they exist 0n your Facebook and Orkut accounts as well. Sometimes you feel you should catch up with them, meet them at once, but the thought passes as soon as it arrives.

So when I met Amit online last week, we just decided to meet up. And we actually did meet today! I still can't believe we went on talking for 3 hours and didn't realise the time. Of course, I know you'd think that I can go on, but trust me it was a two-way conversation ;) It felt so good to know so much about so many things, learn from each other's experience and remember those days at work together. And I hope the little bit of match fixing I did for him (you should have seen him blushing a bit) might turn out to be great.

Now, I plan to meet up with all those people I have been planning to catch up with since long. Who's next?

What's with the medical problems?

Many people in my close circle are undergoing treatment for various reasons. Cancer, TB, osteoporosis, injury due to fall. And then I am doing my own never ending rounds to the clinic. All this at the same time! Did someone predict that this year will be dedicated to doctors and medical bills? The funniest thing is that none of the ailments me or my dear ones are suffering from have to do much with prevention, hygience, basic health precautions, etc. Strange.

And if I try to be positive in this scenario, there's one good thing I can't deny. For obvious and nice reasons, people come closer and relations become stronger at such times. You tend to call up people and ask about their health and progress, and in the process you catch up after a long long time. You also realise who are the people you can't count on or who don't actually care. Perhaps, it's time to shed the hypocrites in your circle and build on more meaningful relationships. And it's time to thank the friends who care.

One market where I wish the prices must rise

I went shopping shares when the stock markets fell drastically. It was like a monsoon mega sale, all prices dropped like never before. Being a girl who gets attracted to discounts like a honeybee to a flower, I went on picking the best brands on offer. And now I stand waiting with my heavy shopping bags. The markets seem to be testing my patience. Carry on Nifty. You have no idea how long I can wait with my shopping bags (ask Mrinal). One day the share prices shall rise and I shall rejoice!

Psst... God, when will this sale end? The stock markets must have a board that informs us about the last date of the sale.

What would you call a postscript?

If a P.S. appears after a blog post, will it be called P.P.?

What if it rained petrol?

Alright, let’s assume that it won’t result in fires (it’s hypothetical in any case). So petrol prices will see an all-time low! More car sales will be obvious. And then we’d be able to afford bigger cars or funkier bikes. Ha ha… Nano… ta ta! Perhaps the markets will boom. And so will the subzi markets! The vegetable vendors won’t be able to increase prices by blaming it on expensive transportation. We all will be sheikhs! No Mrinal, not more than 1 wife for you! People might work for another better cause – petrol harvesting (why is it not possible in the real world?).

Considering that wherever possible, petrol would take water’s place, we might have some new products like petrol purifiers, petrol-proof watches, petrol-proof lipsticks and petrol-proof paints!

Bollywood! Yeah, here are some handy tips for the remix baadshahs:

  • Thanda thanda petrol…
  • Barso re petrol…
  • Petrol kaa bahaanaa hai, zaraa der lagegi…

But then, since the roads would be layered with petrol, most of us would be able to reach work skating, wearing our normal shoes! No more conveyance allowance. Hairstyles? Well, we all would look champu with the same sticky flat hairstyle but only with varied lengths! Brylcreem would have to come up with an innovative product here. Petrol pumps won’t be required that much, so perhaps we’d have shower pumps. Like, “Hello! Are you walking into your office all drenched up in petrol? Take a shower with our water-based body wash in our special shower room and look drier and smarter!”

Oh, the petrol price hike is turning me insane. Was I typing in my sleep? Damn, someone do something about the petrol prices. It’s driving all of us crazy. I’ll go get a glass of petrol now.

P.S. Beta and Mrinal reminded me of writing something on rains. Varsha reminds me of rains all through the year. I dedicate this post to them.

I love love!

I love being in love. When everything around seems to go wrong, love stays by your side to show that you are loved. Thanks love, thanks Mrinal.

Let's be nice - if you see someone around you feeling sick, PLEASE HELP

Came across the harsh reality of life last night from close quarters - death. It's strange how we worry about a thousand small and big 'problems' everyday. When life suddenly decides to come to a standstill, those problems are not even a drop in the ocean.

By the way, if you ever see someone fainting or feeling sick or someone who just met with an accident, in your train or on the road or just anywhere, for God sake don't simply think, "He'll be fine" and walk away. I urge you to raise an alarm or do whatever you can do to help without wasting a single second. Last night, perhaps a woman could have been saved if people around her had come to her help before it was too late.

We talk about the spirit of Mumbai all the time... when some people saw a woman in a train last night and she was just not well, I hear they simply went and sat somewhere away from her. I heard she got in the train at Elphinstone Road and it was only at Andheri that some nice people, as soon as they came to know about it, pressed the panic button and helped her out. And I must tell you, thanks to the men who got in the ladies compartment when it became general compartment at night (and of course also a few nice ladies) at least some effort was made. What happened to the others who were watching her since Elphinstone Road? For those who ignored her... she is no longer with us, may be she could have been saved. Let's be nice people, we are humans with a heart and soul, right?

Petrol, Diesel, LPG Cylinder - Price Hike

Government has hiked petrol prices by Rs. 5 per litre (reducing under-recoveries by Rs. 5500 crores). Diesel is up by Rs. 3 per litre (reducing under-recoveries by Rs. 14700 crores). LPG cylinder has been hiked by Rs. 50 per cylinder. Kerosene prices remain unchanged. Customs duty on pertol and diesel is cut by 2.5%Customs duty on crude has been reduced from 5% to zero. Excise duty has been reduced by Re. 1/lt on petrol and diesel as per the news flashing right now.

Mathematics suggest that this is the best government could have done. Apparently this is the least possible burden on the consumers. However, this will impact the inflation to increase to 8.4% vs 8.1%.

Meanwhile, Left has called for national stir againt the price hike.

An apple a day...

In our school days, whenever we saw a girl eating an apple we used to say, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away, if the doctor is good keep the apple away".

Tired of visiting doctors and spending my peanuts... oops salary... on the medical bills, I've decided to eat 1 apple every day. I hope I soon become healthier and sing, "An apple a day keeps the doctor and his bills away"!

Maiden over!

The season when men love watching other men running, hopping and jumping around is witnessing a pause by the end of the day. I prefer to call it a pause but not an end as even while we just watched the closing ceremony of IPL, I understand that soon there might be some other cricket series.

And while Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals play against each other today, here are a few terms I think are common to cricket and the female counterparts (we) of cricket fans (them, they... whatever):

Block: We are blocked from their sight as long as they are glued to the television or the scores on the internet

Bowled / Out: Our state - out of the field

Leg before wicket: Sure, even our legs before the wicket on the television won't distract them

Bye: An extra, sure the role we play during cricket matches ;)

Glance: Something we might not get even after screaming our throats out

Golden pair: Him and the television

Century: The time it appears to be during a match

Innings: Actually there are four innings, two during the match, then one is the game they play with us to avoid any time together and then the last inning is in out control - taking their case

Leg break: What we feel like doing

Limited overs match: I don't think it exists, all the matches seem to take forever

Partnership: Partnership? Partners? Where? Who?

Man of the match: I think it should be 'my man' in the match

Lost in the world of books

I never found myself immersed in reading so intensively. Mrinal got me addicted to the Artemis Fowl series. Eoin Colfer with his captivating style that makes you read rapidly has succeeded in increasing my reading speed. Recently, I finished the first book written by him and now I am busy with The Arctic Incident. Find Artemis Fowl book covers across the world.

And while I do so, I'm tuning my brain to understand Telugu with 'Learn Telugu in 30 days'. Though I know I might take 3 months. After all, I'm learning the script as well!

Reminds me of the good old summer vacation days. Hope my excitement stays and one day I write a blog in Telugu!

What happens when Superman shifts to advertising?

People seem to be surprised when they hear that I entered the advertising profession after completing post graduation in Analytical & Medicinal Chemistry. Well, during my seven years in the industry, even I have come across doctors, engineers and painters who chose advertising as a career. If this surprises you, imagine what might happen if Superman takes the same path! Find here.

Serial bomb blasts in Jaipur

Helpline number (as flashing on news channels) of SMS hospital in Jaipur: 0141 2619827

Serial bomb blasts have hit India again and this time it's Jaipur. 7 serial blasts in 15 mins is what the news channels are saying at this time... and over 60 killed... over 15 injured. It's disturbing how someone who had stepped out for work or for praying or for whatever reason suddenly has become a number, a casualty.

Hoping that no more people are reported killed, no more injured.

There's shortage of blood in the hospitals in Jaipur. I urge if you are in the pink city, please donate your blood as soon as possible.

Dabbawallahs to schoolbag wallahs

Kids carrying really heavy schoolbags these days, working men and women carrying laptops that add to the stress before and after work hours, housewives carrying loads of shopping bags.... the consistently increasing loads of weight on our backs and shoulders has created a demand thet we haven't yet identified! Now, just like the famous dabbawallahs, there's a need of what I would call - schoolbag wallahs, laptop porters and shopping bag wallahs.

Well, let's see when the city will rise to such unique employment opportunities. I wish I had the kind of finance to open up a business just like the call centres - bag carrier centre!

Any investors!

Spasm - it hits me when it shouldn't

It visited me as if it's my beloved during Valentine's. Again now, when I have a super major project in hand and my marriage just a few months away, it hits me again! And this time my spasm has come with a companion, another killer pain in the lower back. God, I hate bed rests. I know it's a punishment for long working hours, but then sometimes they are unavoidable, aren't they?

Blogcamp at Barcamp - March 29 2008

I always wanted to attend the barcamp ever since I first heard about it. Finally, I could make it to the barcamp yesterday.

Well, I went with quite some expectations but didn't find the event much exciting. However, the sessions by Pinstorm, Rashmi Bansal, Burpp!Tv and the one on hardware innovation by Ankit were worthwhile. Perhaps there were a few more, but my work commitments kept calling me and unfortunately I couldn't be a part of all the sessions.

If you missed any of these, here's a recap:
Pinstorm had smart presentation on "I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER". As the name suggests, the session left us thinking. The team made us realise how many digital footprints we have been leaving on the internet all this while. It's very easy for anyone to find almost everything about us on the internet. They smartly researched on the names of some participants of barcamp and damn we discovered everything about these people floating all over the online world! Imagine if someone knew about your first crush, the girls who dumped you a decade ago, your father's income when you were 10, your address and all the info you ever provided in your resume! This info about you remains in the online world forever and can't be erased. So when you write anything out here, think twice, coz the world would know what you did last summer!

Rashmi Bansal of the JAM magazine fame spoke on her blogging experience. You should have seen the delight in her eyes when she told us about the friends who she made through blogging. She writes for herself, perhaps this is where I connect with her. She's of the opinion that few rules of print medium applies online as well. I agree, especially when it comes to grammar.

Then there was a hardware innovation session by Ankit from ideaforge. Me and Vishal decided at the last minute to attend it. And this turned out to be my favourite! He made our brains working and brainstorming. If you didn't see the demo of their 'flying spy' (it aptly won an award at an army competition) and their innovative power-independent mobile charger, you really missed something really cool.

01:01, 555, 1313, 21.21, 15.15...

(Mrinal, please ignore this post.)

Double, triple, quadruple numbers. Infinite times a day. Am I seeing these coz that's how my work is multiplying these days or is there an indication I must understand?

Those who know me since the last 2 years, know what I'm talking about. I know there's a theory, but the fear of falling into superstitions or rather the fear of being feared stops me to find out what is all this about. If you discover something good about this, please tell me.

My fingers went ice cold today when such weird number occurence happened for the nth time in an hour. Thought scribbling this down might help me relax. Nah.

Work On Holi-Day

Three days of weekend and one would expect Annu to go crazy shopping, cooking, watching the television and just lazing around. Strange but surprisingly I'm loaded with various colours of work and am splashing words and ideas all over my comp. Now that's what I call work-o-HOLI-c!

Now reading - The monk who sold his Ferrari

Now wondering - Will I ever sell my Ferrari?
Then wondering - Will I ever own one? :)

They say

"They say" is such a common term that touches us at many points in time. So here I start my series on "They say". I'll keep adding to it as and when the term hits me.

THEY SAY - 27 Feb 2008
They say that after every bad phase a good phase appears. I agree. But just like in advertisements, there are some terms and conditions to this.
MY PESSIMIST MIND SAYS: It actually goes like this - after every big (where big is a duration in some light years) bad phase a tiny-miny microscopic good phase appears (or it does not?).
MY OPTIMISTIC MIND SAYS: C'mon, didn't you notice the thousands of good phases (like you sneezed and had a tissue paper handy) that appear during your bad phase? And then, there's always the actual good phase that follows!

This again brings me to the thought, "Should there be two of me?"

How much?

How much is too much?
Screams my mind over and over again. Just as I think, "whatever is happening is happening a bit too much, but then how much more bad it could be, so take a chill pill...", things worsen. So the previously understated "too much" becomes an overstated "too much" as there's an all-new apparently "too much" too much coming into the picture.
Kitna much much hai yaar!

Wish there were two of me

Too much work. Too much is actually an understatement now. So was just wondering today that I need two of me. So both of us can share the work. And then life could be so simple!

But then, now my thoughts are bouncing in various directions. If there were two of me, then would two of us travel in a train together everyday? So in a crowded train I might be pushed by myself. Damn.

Where will the other me sit then at work? The trio Ambar-Dhara-Taara might become Ambar-Dhara-Taara-Ambar Dobaara! When these days I'm missing on my workouts, either me or the other-me can catch up with some gymming.

Mrinal, my better half, will be happy and sad. More confused I suppose. Poor sweetheart of mine will have to hear the non-stop chatter of 2 of us (I alone am too much for his ears). Or may be only I'll talk. But how different can the other-me be? Will both of us need to shop. Yes, of course. Oops... Both will go for movies, both will have a mobile phone, both will eat and eat and eat...

But then, when the other me was conceptualised to share my work, will she be paid as well? If not, then my expenses just double up. So the other me will be an advantage for me or not? Damn... To me or not to me? Now I understand what all those people working on cloning related stuff and decisions might be going through.

I suppose then that two of me is not that good an idea. How about the ability to disappear! Let me think...


Wishing you all a romantic and lovely Valentine's day. I hope all of those who have plans for the day get to leave from work early.

I just can't hope the same for me...
...I'm on leave!!!

Yeah, I'm sure I'll work a bit from home, but I'll ensure that I don't break my back over the computer today. That shall be my Valentine's gift for myself. After all, my leave was for the dual purpose - rest for the super painful spasm and romance for my super romantic heart :)

PS: Here's my Valentine's Day blog.

Mumbai is chilling

With Mumbai's mercury dropping to almost 8 degrees Celcius, there are a lot many things I discovered. I'm sure most of you must have also noticed something similar.
  1. I hardly have 2 full sleeves shirts. How would it ever occur to me (staying in Mumbai) that I must ensure that all my tops are not sleeveless?
  2. I don't have a single monkey cap. When I went to Delhi in January, they were available everywhere. I checked out a few and chucked the idea of purchasing wondering, "I might never use these in Mumbai".
  3. Socks. They are very very important. It's true that you realise the significance of something only when you need it desperately.
  4. Quilts and blankets are not meant to be kept in a forgotton place in an isolated storeroom. They are your guardian angels when temperature in Mumbai plays a spoilsport.
  5. It's not always pleasant to get into an almost empty train compartment where the only thing brushing against you is cold winter breeze. Also, it's not always cool to stand at the door for some cool breeze.
  6. Wake up! Whether you sleep at 9 in the night or post midnight, it's impossible to get out of your bed before it's too late to leave for work. Something called 'snooze' in your alarm isn't as good for you as it should be.

And now, my fingers are too numb to type... oops I don't have handgloves as well!

Kala Ghoda Festival - Review

I went to the annual Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2008 last weekend... yeah both the days! Wow, it was amazing! Creativity was the buzz word, be it short films, plays, stalls or the art displays on the street. There's so much to explore and when you walk out, you are in a completely different world - all fresh and inspiring.

The festival is from 2nd to 10th February in Mumbai and each day has so much to offer, you wish it had more than 24 hours.

Kids are having a gala time in the parking lot where under Surf Excel's excellent sponsorship there are a whole lot of activities - painting, clay modelling, dancing... the works!

Then there's the amphitheatre buzzing with brilliant performances from dancers, theatre artists, models and all. The Kala Ghoda venue has a large number of stalls that revive the shopoholic in you. Many of them are represented by organisations like Concern India, NAB and other social causes related organisations. I was amazed to discover the unique saree hanger created by students of NAB.

Well, the place is crowded (and it's a pretty decent crowd) on the weekend, but it's worth visiting the Kala Ghoda festival at this time.

I even managed to convince my beau Mrinal and my best friend to allow me to try my hand at pottery amid the hustle-bustle! The festival brings out the artist and the child in you :)

More about the festival, a bit later.

My quote for February

Trust is but a dicey word, it dices a bit and it's all rust.


Your work is as easy as you can think it is.
Your work is as tough as you may think it is.
Think and juggle between your thoughts.
When you reach at easy, stop at that thought.
Now start.

As I look at life...

...I'm getting less time to look back at it.

Perhaps, it's time to pause.


Wish you all a very very Happy New Year! Have so muchto share about my New Year's celebrations, Usha Resort (the place is much more beautiful than what you see on the website), Palghar and all the travelling. But right now, I'm recovering from my hangover and 'rick'lag. So will update you on all the excitement soon! Enjoy and have a lovely year ahead.