Guide your help and her kids about education options and professional courses


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This is based on my recent experience when my moushi (shop help) was happy that local politicians and some well-to-do relatives suggested (or rather tried to convince) the following for her daughter who scored 64% in HSC Commerce:

- Now you should get a job and help your mother financially (moushi has been working hard all these years and thanks to her smart savings is capable of completing her further education)
- Complete your commerce degree and I'll get you a job (c'mon, when she completes her degree she can get a job for herself, don't try to show that you are doing a favour)

What irritated me most was that no one told moushi or her about options like CA, CS, law, etc. Not even their favourite class teacher! She completed 12th and had absolutely no idea about the study options with commerce! Why? Why didn't the educated nagarsevaks / vote-hungry politicians / teacher guide her about these professions? She has the same right to education as your kid. But she doesn't have access to career information as all the international-school going kids have. Maybe she feels that she just wants to pursue a commerce degree, but the decision should be arrived at after knowing about all the other options. Right?

So, if you have a househelp, office help, someone who picks your garbage, a gardener or someone around who is not as educated or informed as you are and has a school / college going kid, please read:

1. If you already didn't have conversations with them, ask them if their kids have appeared for 10th, 12th / final year.

2. If so, please guide them about the future education and career possibilities that are NOT RESTRICTED to 12th pass, normal graduation degree. Tell them about professional courses, scholarships, etc. Or guide them to someone who can. Encourage them and help them take an informed decision.

And yes, if you help someone, even financially, do not make them feel, even slightly, that they are under the burden of your favour. You are stripping them off their pride then. And that's not being helpful.

Just think if it was your kid, what all would you want her / him to know when it comes to education and career options, and you would know what to do.

Thank you.

It was unplanned!

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I have been missing in action in the wide world of blogging (one post each in 2016 and 2017... ouch!). A new little chapter began in my life in August 2016. I was totally new to the experience and taking one day at a time. I had anticipated an increased amount of work, but I had no idea about the quantum of efforts required.

With great responsibility comes great deal of work! (Spider-Man's Uncle Ben never mentioned that, right?)

So, well, I started Hopasholic (our gift shop in Panvel that has everything from party supplies to toys and accessories) in August 2016 and it has kept me busy all this while. Sourcing, pricing, selling, promotions and what not! Add to it some freelance writing assignments. And then I discovered the power of Instagram when my youngest customers said, "Facebook is old, we all are on Instagram, you should be there!"

What can I say, blogging took a backseat and it was totally unplanned. So, I am back to blogging either here or on my other blog Fibromyalgia Awareness and will try to write regularly, if not daily. That's the plan!

BTW A-Z challenge is coming up, right? Are you participating?