Letter to the thief

So Mrinal's wallet was stolen a few minutes back at Lokmanya Tilak Terminus. While we had loads of work to complete this Sunday, we are struggling to block credit cards and lodge complaints. Not to mention the disappointment and anger. All right, my househelp's 4th leave this week has added fuel to it. As househelps are meant to be pampered else they will leave you home alone with all the cleaning and washing, and since with Fibromyalgia, I cannot afford to lose a househelp, I am gonna talk to the thief. Here's a letter to the thief. All I need is the address now!

And then, I didn't cry

Addressing audience during
World Arthritis Meet, Mumbai
It's one thing when people say you are strong, it's one thing when you think you are strong, but when your inner voice says it to you... when no one but only you are listening... that's when it actually happens!

That's when you truly believe you have become strong.

I became strong last night.