Varsha's Varshgaanth and The Big Gang Theory

We have been the best of friends for a long long time. Now that I mention it, let me count... 17 years... Wow Varsha, that's cool!

When we met in college, we were a huge gang of science students... I guess we were the biggest gang in our college bound by studies and fun. And as it happens with most of us, when we move towards the final year and the majors change, we get to spend lesser 'big-gang' time together. Eventually and mostly, Chem people stay together breaking countless burettes and flasks; Physics folks stay tied up as their frequencies match better; Botany and Zoology species form their own genus; and Maths, well their equations are a bit different and very intellectual. I call it The Big Gang Theory! 

When Beti becomes Aunty, When Uncle becomes Bhaiyya

Age 15: I used to visit the vegetable market with my Mom. The vendors would call my Mom 'Bhabhi' and call me 'Beti'. How they would refer to a 20-something purchasing vegetables 'Madam'. How I wanted to grow up soon and be called 'Madam'! There was something magical about it then! I would call all vendors 'Uncle'.

Age 25: I visited the market with my Mom, who had now become 'Aunty' and I was finally 'Madam'. How I would look at newly wed young women wearing mangalsutra, beautiful dresses and lovely bangles who would come by themselves to buy the veggies. The vendors would call them 'Bhabhi' How I wondered what it would be like to shop alone and be referred to as 'Bhabhi'! The vendors became 'Bhaiyya' to me!