The redundant Delhi vs Mumbai argument

As a kid, Delhi was my summer vacation destination. When we were in school, at least once during our Delhi stay, the Mumbai vs Delhi argument would come up. I and my brother used to defend Mumbai (then Bombay) like how -
"We get tasty Vada Pav in Bombay."
"We have so many local trains."

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When life gives you lemons

My version of the phrase is: When life gives you lemons, just take them. Lemons are pretty expensive now. Yesterday, I went veggie shopping and the vendor quoted INR 5 for one tiny lemon. Seriously? Really unfair this summer. Talk about lemonade!

But on a serious note, the phrase really guides us in tough times. Look at the amazing people who did so well despite the lemons life threw at them and I bet you'll be so inspired:
Ludwig van Beethoven: Who hasn't heard the German composer and pianist!