Helpless without househelp

What is happiness? Your househelp doesn’t turn up. You start feeling helpless and try to reschedule your day. You start washing the utensils and wonder how you’ll manage the rest of the work. The doorbell rings and the angel arrives!

Rahman's new Common Wealth Games song video

The new and official song video of Common Wealth Games (CWG) is now available. Now this is what we call a short and sweet anthem. And of course it's much peppier than the earlier version - Rahman and Bharatbala magic we must say!

Here's the Oh yaaron, yeh India bulaa liya video:

Click here for the earlier lyrics of the CWG theme song.

Take your health seriously. ACT NOW!

I learnt it the hard way but you need not. Ignoring symptoms like aches, fever, stomach problems etc. etc. can sometimes take a horrible toll on you. Especially if you have regular but 'bearable' episodes of such things. Remember, there's no harm in consulting a doctor (allopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda... whatever you believe in). But being 'busy' or 'lazy' and postponing the doctor's appointment for a long period can really make your condition difficult. The more delay in visiting a doc, the greater time it takes to heal.

Does it appear I'm exaggerating? Not at all. 

Not always, but at times the condition reaches an incurable phase. And trust me there are medical conditions you or people around you haven't heard of. Some, like Spondyloarthropathy, affect your daily life and job. When you start facing immense difficulty in the smallest of activities like waking up, lifting your handbag, working on the computer, standing for a while, walking for a while, managing the tiniest household chores... sooner or later you are considered to be a 'lazy' person. Working full time gets really impossible. Feeling of dependency and helplessness seeps in and you spend more time trying to work things out and convincing people that you are really suffering. Irritability is obvious. Why on earth do you even need to assure people that you really are in pain??? Why on earth must the effect of your condition on people's perception about you be more important than its effect on you? But it can happen, sooner or later. Unless of course you are super duper lucky (I hope you are).

Anyway, there's one way out though. Don't be too lazy or too busy to visit a doctor when you face some problem in your system (when you face issues in your computer system, how quickly you meet the hardware guy!). Boring as it may seem, but it would help you in the long run. And as all the wise people say, exercising does you a lot good.

Send this article to at least xyz people and you'll feel better.
Send this article to an important place in your brain and you'll STAY BETTER and HEALTHIER.

Why would I not book Country Club holiday?

Because I prefer Smirnoff over Country (daaru)!

Just too much in PJ mood!

Queue kyun queue

Just wondering about the spelling of QUEUE.

Q, the letter, already sounds queue as we know it.

So why is QUEUE spelled so? Why didn't they just spell it a "Q"?

Aakhir kyun?

Why would I love to book Thomas Cook Holiday?

Because Thomas will Cook for me as I enjoy my vacation!


And here's for my dear friends like SG who are unable to view the jpeg [psst... tried hard increasing the size of the jpeg but the larger pic size just blows out of proportion; retained the jpeg coz i tried hard to make one ;)]

You finally decide to tell your boss you would not work until late anymore. Before you could, your outlook has a new mail – An instruction to put in a couple of extra hours and Saturdays for an important pitch this month!

You buy brand new fiction books for the first time, that too without any discount. You misplace them somewhere you’d never know!

You buy an IPod touch and wish it had a camera too. This once, the God fulfils your wish… only it is too late for you!

You snatch the camera from your boyfriend saying that he will drop it. You drop and break the camera in the process!

After waiting for months in vain for an increment, you finally put in your papers. They announce a hike soon after your last working day!

Your parents have been advising you to open a Fixed Deposit account for years. You finally do it one day. Of course, the interest rates increase the next month!
After much delay, you get hospitalized on your trusted surgeon’s strong advice and assurance that he’ll help you recover soon. The next day, he gets admitted in the ICU!

Rabale skywalk will have elevators

Skywalks are sprouting in the city for a while now. But how often do we use them? Or for that matter, how often do we see people using the skywalks? Today’s news about a skywalk being constructed at Rabale station might bring some relief; temporary or permanent that has to be seen.

The Rabale skywalk looks promising for one reason – elevators. NMMC is considering the convenience of senior citizens and physically challenged people. Whether the elevators will stay functional, whether they’d be able to meet the need of pedestrians who need to use it (apparently 5000 commuters use the Rabale station everyday) is however a different question. But the idea of having elevators is really very thoughtful. I am assuming that escalators (that can benefit a larger number of pedestrians) aren’t planned for budget constraints.

I urge citizens to start using the skywalks. After all, these are constructed for our convenience and safety. Moreover crores of rupees are spent on these. Though there are just two reasons (laziness and knee / joint pain) you won’t use them, there are several and more logical reasons why you must use the skywalk where it exists.
1.    Keeps you safe from the vehicles speeding to reach their destinations
2.    Helps prevent traffic congestion
3.    Helps reduce the sound pollution that follows honking and abuses shared between drivers / car owners and pedestrians
4.    Helps you burn calories – Most of us are already in rush in the morning. Imagine the benefits of climbing up and down the stairs when we are already walking at a higher speed!
5.    You can enjoy the city view as well
So welcome the Rabale skywalk with a smile and resolve to use it (and the others in town) for your good.