F?@k Knows Book Review: Fast and funny train to self discovery

Title: F?@K Knows
Author: Shailendra Singh
Publisher: Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd.
Price: Rs 195/-
Language: English
My rating: 3.5/5

I received the book by courier and when I removed it from the envelope, I said, "F?@k, this is one cool title!"

I wondered if I should actually read this book by Shailendra Singh in the ladies compartment of a Mumbai local train at non-peak hours when only teachers, students and a copywriter like me travel in the furnace-hot dabba? When they see me reading this book, will the teachers think I am too bold to pick up a book and flash the bold red F?@k title on the yellow cover... what's with this generation? Will the college girls think I am doing so just to show that I am still too cool and young?

Visibility for what's Invisible

There are so many social causes in the world that I am sure if someone decides to list them all, it would be a really difficult task. Is it possible, the entire listing that covers everything? I seriously doubt.

Are the solutions possible? I believe so.

There are several known causes we are aware of right from the day we got educated enough to understand things in a broader sense. As we grow, some of us try to do whatever little or more we can to support some causes. To start with, we do not litter, we save water, save electricity, help the needy, plant some trees... Some of us have the will power to fight corrupts / corruption and some of us do not bribe or buy things in black.

But until something appears in big bold letters in the leading newspapers followed by major media coverage OR until we are directly affected by a thing, we do not know about certain causes that genuinely need attention and solution.

Like the Invisible Illness called Fibromyalgia. Yes, it is known as Invisible Illness for obvious reasons, I did not coin the term! Simply type it in the Compose Mail field in GMail and the red crooked line under the word tells you that it is still an unrecognized word out there!

Highlight of the budget: We will be healthy!

They say health is wealth. And while this year's budget is not letting us increase our wealth, look at the 'brighter' side - It's gonna ensure that our health (ignoring stress here) stays good.

Cars expensive, diesel dearer, auto-cab (and now train) fares keep increasing anyways. So we will walk a lot. 

Eating out in an AC restaurant or coffee shop will attract more taxes. So we will cook and eat at home.

Cooking gas is limited now, so we will cook lesser, eat lesser. That's how we will lose weight and stay healthier.

PS Positive thinking seems to be the only hope now