When I was home alone...

I was home alone when she walked in. As I continued with my work in another room, I could hear the sound of kitchen cabinet doors being opened and closed umpteen times... pretty unusual. I decided to concentrate on my work, but how could I? I could hear someone moving the furniture in the living room. It had been almost an hour since she came in and there was yet no sight of her in my room. She never takes that long. 
I eventually walked out of the room and couldn’t believe my eyes. My house-help was caught unawares when I entered the living room. 

She was carefully scrubbing the floor, every nook and corner of the room with detergent and all. She remembered I had requested her to do so a couple of weeks ago after we shifted to this new place. She had complained of knee pain at that time so I had asked her to do the major cleaning whenever she felt better. Today, she surprised me pleasantly... made my day :)
Now I believe - Good house-helps do exist!

Why didn’t I mention her name yet? Well, I’d prefer to be selfish here and won’t give away the details of my God-sent angel!

Hamaare Pass World Cup Hai!!!

India has finally won the World Cup after 28 years! It's 2nd of April 2011 and I wish to write a similar post after 4 years as well :)

Woh phaataakon ki awaaz, woh family aur friends ke phone calls, woh fb aur twitter pe hazaaron wishes ... it's Diwali in April!!!
No words can describe our joy... the tears that came rolling down as Dhoni hit the winning six said it all. The phone calls that did not stop after then, the fleet of bikers that took over the Navi Mumbai roads screaming "India Jeet Gaya, India Jeet Gaya...", the fireworks... said it all.
I have just one thing to say to those who kept saying that tha match is fixed... justify the emotions of the team!
We should be proud of Dhoni who performed so well today... the pressure is really high for the captain of the team who plays the finals in home town. Of Yuvraj for winning the man of the tournament!
Congratulations to the entire Indian cricket team!

7 Ways How Rajnikanth Can Help Indian Team

Just noticed Rajnikanth at the Wankhede stadium where India and Sri Lanka are struggling for the World Cup.

Now with all the sayings about Rajnikanth, I think the superstar's presence at the stadium can help our team in the following ways:
  1. As Dhoni hits the ball, Rajnikanth can clone it into 10 so that we get 10 boundaries at one go.
  2. Rajni has the power to convert all the betting numbers into batting scores
  3. Rajni can fast forward running between the wickets
  4. Rajnikanth is the fifth umpire
  5. As we all know Rajnikanth beat Newton long back, now he controls gravity and when the ball hits the ground
  6. When a Sri Lankan player drops a catch, it is actually Rajni effect. Rajnikanth stares at the ball so hard that the forceful vision makes the ball slip through the fielders hand
  7. Rajni also controls inertia of motion... so when a SL fielder actually runs to stop a ball and reaches in time, he just can't stop himself to pick it up
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