Annu's Coined Word/s of the day!

1. Too many men eating up your head?

That must be TREMANDOUS pressure!

2. Rainy season and all that romance?

Beautiful as it is RAINOMANCE!

3. A horrible portfolio lacking all the stuff it must have.

Well someone must be showing his PORTPOLIO!

What men want

There's one thing all men love, especially when they surprisingly get it from a woman. And that's precisely the reason they may love what follows...

Was that enough space? Well, if you have women in your life, this is the maximum space you can get. Love it and love to live with it.


Sitting by the Arabian sea last evening and watching the naughty waves multiplying into a million droplets after giving a high five to the rocks was a true delight last evening. The sea still maintaining its calm, perhaps it got used to the playful nature of the waves, was behaving beautifully mature. But then, we were in for some more surprise.

The rain gods caught red-handed all those struck by Cupid's arrow and clicked the picture perfect by flashing lightening. In no time, the clouds started protesting with thunder louder than the sound of the hearts beating with love. And soon, as we juggled the thoughts of staying back or rushing away, we were blessed by the first shower of this monsoon. Thick cold drops tapped us and whispered the message sent by the monsoon months, “Get ready for some Rainomance, we are coming to wash away the heat!”