Blogcamp at Barcamp - March 29 2008

I always wanted to attend the barcamp ever since I first heard about it. Finally, I could make it to the barcamp yesterday.

Well, I went with quite some expectations but didn't find the event much exciting. However, the sessions by Pinstorm, Rashmi Bansal, Burpp!Tv and the one on hardware innovation by Ankit were worthwhile. Perhaps there were a few more, but my work commitments kept calling me and unfortunately I couldn't be a part of all the sessions.

If you missed any of these, here's a recap:
Pinstorm had smart presentation on "I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER". As the name suggests, the session left us thinking. The team made us realise how many digital footprints we have been leaving on the internet all this while. It's very easy for anyone to find almost everything about us on the internet. They smartly researched on the names of some participants of barcamp and damn we discovered everything about these people floating all over the online world! Imagine if someone knew about your first crush, the girls who dumped you a decade ago, your father's income when you were 10, your address and all the info you ever provided in your resume! This info about you remains in the online world forever and can't be erased. So when you write anything out here, think twice, coz the world would know what you did last summer!

Rashmi Bansal of the JAM magazine fame spoke on her blogging experience. You should have seen the delight in her eyes when she told us about the friends who she made through blogging. She writes for herself, perhaps this is where I connect with her. She's of the opinion that few rules of print medium applies online as well. I agree, especially when it comes to grammar.

Then there was a hardware innovation session by Ankit from ideaforge. Me and Vishal decided at the last minute to attend it. And this turned out to be my favourite! He made our brains working and brainstorming. If you didn't see the demo of their 'flying spy' (it aptly won an award at an army competition) and their innovative power-independent mobile charger, you really missed something really cool.

01:01, 555, 1313, 21.21, 15.15...

(Mrinal, please ignore this post.)

Double, triple, quadruple numbers. Infinite times a day. Am I seeing these coz that's how my work is multiplying these days or is there an indication I must understand?

Those who know me since the last 2 years, know what I'm talking about. I know there's a theory, but the fear of falling into superstitions or rather the fear of being feared stops me to find out what is all this about. If you discover something good about this, please tell me.

My fingers went ice cold today when such weird number occurence happened for the nth time in an hour. Thought scribbling this down might help me relax. Nah.

Work On Holi-Day

Three days of weekend and one would expect Annu to go crazy shopping, cooking, watching the television and just lazing around. Strange but surprisingly I'm loaded with various colours of work and am splashing words and ideas all over my comp. Now that's what I call work-o-HOLI-c!

Now reading - The monk who sold his Ferrari

Now wondering - Will I ever sell my Ferrari?
Then wondering - Will I ever own one? :)