I Prefer White!

We just started our first dream home search in Navi Mumbai thinking we can get a bigger space and more affordable options in this area. So while our only concern was if travelling would be really difficult in the far-off sectors, the harsh reality presented itself - Black is in!
We were shocked the way brokers / estate agents openly asked us, "Black kitna kar sakte ho!" (How much can you pay in black.). 
No there wasn't the slightest hesitation in asking for black money. In fact, we were looked down upon once we told that we will only pay in white! Guess what, each estate agent we met until now has only 1-2 all-white flats and several in the black-n-white mode. While we insisted to know why the hell we must pay in black, the answer was unanimous - arre builder ko bhi toh khilana padta hai na, woh kidhar se paise layega! As if we are being inconsiderate by refusing to pay in black!
But like builders we too are adamant. We are gonna discriminate and favour the white in this case! 
Do diwaane shaher mein
Raat aur dopahar mein
Aabodaana dhoondte hain
WHITE aashiyana dhoondte hain
Here's a tip: If you haven't bought a house in the recent years and you do not want to deal in cash, be prepared to be super patient in your home search. Give yourself a window of 8 months to find yourself a WHITE HOUSE. I am sure we will, and even you will find the one sooner or later.