The door that never closed

It was a dark Friday night. Pyrus wasn't used to staying alone at home. But his wife had to be away from town for the weekend to visit her parents. So he had planned some drinks and dinner with his good old friends at the KC restaurant they used to frequent when they worked together.

It all went fine. Time flew as they chatted away the nostalgic moments. And by the time it was 11 pm, they had to part unwillingly as each of them started getting a 'When are you reaching home' call. Oh how they missed their bachelor life when they had no one to 'report' to!

Some Chat about Chaat

Pani puri, bhel puri, sev puri... I can gobble up puri ki puri chaat if I come across some street food in Mumbai or Delhi.

Check out some chatpati baatein about chaat and a latest initiative to ensure that it is prepared and served in a hygienic manner in my article published on Half Baked Voices. Do drop in a comment to share your opinion on street food in India