Lost in the world of books

I never found myself immersed in reading so intensively. Mrinal got me addicted to the Artemis Fowl series. Eoin Colfer with his captivating style that makes you read rapidly has succeeded in increasing my reading speed. Recently, I finished the first book written by him and now I am busy with The Arctic Incident. Find Artemis Fowl book covers across the world.

And while I do so, I'm tuning my brain to understand Telugu with 'Learn Telugu in 30 days'. Though I know I might take 3 months. After all, I'm learning the script as well!

Reminds me of the good old summer vacation days. Hope my excitement stays and one day I write a blog in Telugu!

What happens when Superman shifts to advertising?

People seem to be surprised when they hear that I entered the advertising profession after completing post graduation in Analytical & Medicinal Chemistry. Well, during my seven years in the industry, even I have come across doctors, engineers and painters who chose advertising as a career. If this surprises you, imagine what might happen if Superman takes the same path! Find here.

Serial bomb blasts in Jaipur

Helpline number (as flashing on news channels) of SMS hospital in Jaipur: 0141 2619827

Serial bomb blasts have hit India again and this time it's Jaipur. 7 serial blasts in 15 mins is what the news channels are saying at this time... and over 60 killed... over 15 injured. It's disturbing how someone who had stepped out for work or for praying or for whatever reason suddenly has become a number, a casualty.

Hoping that no more people are reported killed, no more injured.

There's shortage of blood in the hospitals in Jaipur. I urge if you are in the pink city, please donate your blood as soon as possible.

Dabbawallahs to schoolbag wallahs

Kids carrying really heavy schoolbags these days, working men and women carrying laptops that add to the stress before and after work hours, housewives carrying loads of shopping bags.... the consistently increasing loads of weight on our backs and shoulders has created a demand thet we haven't yet identified! Now, just like the famous dabbawallahs, there's a need of what I would call - schoolbag wallahs, laptop porters and shopping bag wallahs.

Well, let's see when the city will rise to such unique employment opportunities. I wish I had the kind of finance to open up a business just like the call centres - bag carrier centre!

Any investors!