The 4 am friend

Isn't it strange when you meet some people for the first time and at that moment have no idea that they will always be there with you... they will always be there for you!

They say you are determined by the company you keep. But the deeper fact is that the company you keep often makes you the person you are. The way it happened with me.

I am so thankful for that sunny day of my college life when I met Sush. Frankly, I do not remember the date I met her first, but that was the time I entered the degree program at Bhavans College, Andheri. And that was the time I can never thank God enough for.

How to recycle used bottles after Daaru Party

It's Christmas and New Year time and most of us are buying lots of soft drinks. Now don't just discard the used bottle the next day. You can use it for several good purposes - RECYCLE!

Just tried this and it took very little time:

Recycling Used Sprite Bottle to make a Flowerpot in 4 simple steps:
1 - Cut the bottle carefully with a hot knife
2 - Paint it from the outside
3 - Punch 3 small holes to drain excess water in future
4 - Plant the plant!

Justice is blind, but is it deaf too?

Over 1 lakh women were raped in India since 2007!

Every single time there is any news about a rape, every woman is enraged. Over the months, with so many terrible incidents reported almost everyday in the newspaper, the anger, the sorrow and the feeling of being unsafe only builds up. And it comes to a point when some of us, including me, feel so terrified that we start having nightmares... that we stop reading the entire news about rapes... because it leaves us disturbed... very disturbed.

This happens to us when we read about a certain rape tragedy with someone we didn't even know. Try imagining the plight of the person actually going through the trauma! No, we can never imagine.

Remember how bad you feel when someone at a crowded railway station touches you inappropriately and disappears in the crowd? As if we are some public property!!! Even thinking about what we will do if someone tries to rape us is super scary. Even if the thought comes to our mind, we immediately switch off. We think, we are unnecessarily worrying, it won't happen to us. But deep within we are concerned:
  1. Will we be able to protect ourselves when a gang of inhuman creatures arrives?