Make an anti-bomb spray that no bomb could ever explode

The first thing I heard in the morning was the news of a bomb blast in Malegaon. Again people died, again people got injured. And again people who were 'people' yesterday became a 'number'.
I won't say, for now, that we don't have enough security. The fact that I feel unsafe every single day, that I panicked again when I heard the news of the blast, that I feel scared to move out of my house and my pleas might not help. I have given up hopes for sometime now. C'mon people are coming on bikes and just throwing away bombs as if they were some wrapper of something they just finished eating. So we fine people who litter, perhaps a few think that bombs are not litter.

Now we can't have a policeman behind every single person to see if someone might just throw away a bomb. There has to be a bigger solution.

Wish I was a super genius, a super scientist. I could have invented an anti-bomb spray and would have sprayed the entire world with it. The anti-bomb spray could have created such an effect that no bomb could ever explode, no matter what. Just disinfect the world with it and we would never hear any news related to blasts, no panic, no casualties, no deaths.

But another fact is that I am not a super genius, and this is the first time I am feeling so bad about it. I call the super geniuses , the super scientists of the world to invent something like an anti-bomb spray. Instead of nabbing the culprits, let's make their plans ineffective.

Wishful thinking you might say? Like we have a choice. At least we can hope for the best and work towards it.

Mount Mary fair

The annual Mount Mary fair was as beautiful as ever. Will write about it later.
For now, here are some pics:

I love the decorated city, thank you Lord Ganesh

The festive season has begun and I love the way the entire city is lit up. The pleasant and pious echo of Ganpati aartis all around is so beautiful.

Ganeshotsav has marked the beginning of all the celebrations. Navratri, Onam, Id, Diwali and then my wedding. And as I indulge in shopping now, it's great to see each and every area I visit beautifully lit with those tiny blinking lights. Looks like the city is decorated to bring in my wedding celebrations :] He he... Wow, I just love it.

Too busy to be

Busy as a bee, I am too busy to be. Wondering to be or not to be. But then I love to be his would-be. So I would rather be what I love to be.