The bad thing about being good

We grow up learning not to hurt anybody. But when we implement this in our real grown-up life, many a times we end up not hurting the entire world but ourselves.

26th November - Alice Comes To Wonderland

On this day in the year 1864, Oxford professor Charles Dodgson gifted the story Alice in Wonderland to a little girl. This girl, Alice Liddle, was the one who inspired him to create this masterpiece. The book is written under the pen name - Lewis Carroll.

While I revive my memories on this piece of fiction and walk down the rabbit hole, you may revisit Alice In Wonderland here!

Innocent people killed again

Serial blasts hit Faizabad, Lucknow and Varanasi today in the afternoon. While this post is being written, at least 12 people have been reportedly killed. It's disheartening how a person who might be attending a court session, a person who might have just finished his lunch, a person who might be having a happy Friday, suddenly becomes a count. A count among the number of people killed/injured due to the blasts. So while we were just recovering from the various untoward incidents that happened recently, now there's another one. I wonder when each and every person leaving his house in the morning would be sure that he'd return back home safely. May God bless the souls of the victims and may we ourselves and the authorities become alert and smart to avoid such incidents.

Mumbai local trains

I sometimes feel that I should write a book on Mumbai's local trains. Well until the time comes that I get enough time to write a book, I've started scribbling. Here's my new blog 'Mumbai local - a world of its own' totally dedicated to life in Mumbai's local trains.

Is someone lying to you?

Feel like someone is lying to you but not sure? Dating someone and want to know if the person's stories are to be believed? Need to employ someone but find his credentials too good to be true?
Here's a cool link that tells you How to Detect Lies!

Super India!

Cheers to India! We have made it to the list of Top 10 fastest supercomputers in the world.

It's great to know that a cluster platform at Pune's Computational Research Laboratories (a Tata subsidiary) is ranked 4th in high performance computing. The Tata Supercomputer is called EKA, that means ONE in Sanskrit. Hoping that we soon create a Supercomputer / enhance this one to make it to number ONE position in the list.

All the best our super brains!

For more info on this, log on to the NDTV site here