They say

"They say" is such a common term that touches us at many points in time. So here I start my series on "They say". I'll keep adding to it as and when the term hits me.

THEY SAY - 27 Feb 2008
They say that after every bad phase a good phase appears. I agree. But just like in advertisements, there are some terms and conditions to this.
MY PESSIMIST MIND SAYS: It actually goes like this - after every big (where big is a duration in some light years) bad phase a tiny-miny microscopic good phase appears (or it does not?).
MY OPTIMISTIC MIND SAYS: C'mon, didn't you notice the thousands of good phases (like you sneezed and had a tissue paper handy) that appear during your bad phase? And then, there's always the actual good phase that follows!

This again brings me to the thought, "Should there be two of me?"

How much?

How much is too much?
Screams my mind over and over again. Just as I think, "whatever is happening is happening a bit too much, but then how much more bad it could be, so take a chill pill...", things worsen. So the previously understated "too much" becomes an overstated "too much" as there's an all-new apparently "too much" too much coming into the picture.
Kitna much much hai yaar!

Wish there were two of me

Too much work. Too much is actually an understatement now. So was just wondering today that I need two of me. So both of us can share the work. And then life could be so simple!

But then, now my thoughts are bouncing in various directions. If there were two of me, then would two of us travel in a train together everyday? So in a crowded train I might be pushed by myself. Damn.

Where will the other me sit then at work? The trio Ambar-Dhara-Taara might become Ambar-Dhara-Taara-Ambar Dobaara! When these days I'm missing on my workouts, either me or the other-me can catch up with some gymming.

Mrinal, my better half, will be happy and sad. More confused I suppose. Poor sweetheart of mine will have to hear the non-stop chatter of 2 of us (I alone am too much for his ears). Or may be only I'll talk. But how different can the other-me be? Will both of us need to shop. Yes, of course. Oops... Both will go for movies, both will have a mobile phone, both will eat and eat and eat...

But then, when the other me was conceptualised to share my work, will she be paid as well? If not, then my expenses just double up. So the other me will be an advantage for me or not? Damn... To me or not to me? Now I understand what all those people working on cloning related stuff and decisions might be going through.

I suppose then that two of me is not that good an idea. How about the ability to disappear! Let me think...


Wishing you all a romantic and lovely Valentine's day. I hope all of those who have plans for the day get to leave from work early.

I just can't hope the same for me...
...I'm on leave!!!

Yeah, I'm sure I'll work a bit from home, but I'll ensure that I don't break my back over the computer today. That shall be my Valentine's gift for myself. After all, my leave was for the dual purpose - rest for the super painful spasm and romance for my super romantic heart :)

PS: Here's my Valentine's Day blog.

Mumbai is chilling

With Mumbai's mercury dropping to almost 8 degrees Celcius, there are a lot many things I discovered. I'm sure most of you must have also noticed something similar.
  1. I hardly have 2 full sleeves shirts. How would it ever occur to me (staying in Mumbai) that I must ensure that all my tops are not sleeveless?
  2. I don't have a single monkey cap. When I went to Delhi in January, they were available everywhere. I checked out a few and chucked the idea of purchasing wondering, "I might never use these in Mumbai".
  3. Socks. They are very very important. It's true that you realise the significance of something only when you need it desperately.
  4. Quilts and blankets are not meant to be kept in a forgotton place in an isolated storeroom. They are your guardian angels when temperature in Mumbai plays a spoilsport.
  5. It's not always pleasant to get into an almost empty train compartment where the only thing brushing against you is cold winter breeze. Also, it's not always cool to stand at the door for some cool breeze.
  6. Wake up! Whether you sleep at 9 in the night or post midnight, it's impossible to get out of your bed before it's too late to leave for work. Something called 'snooze' in your alarm isn't as good for you as it should be.

And now, my fingers are too numb to type... oops I don't have handgloves as well!

Kala Ghoda Festival - Review

I went to the annual Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2008 last weekend... yeah both the days! Wow, it was amazing! Creativity was the buzz word, be it short films, plays, stalls or the art displays on the street. There's so much to explore and when you walk out, you are in a completely different world - all fresh and inspiring.

The festival is from 2nd to 10th February in Mumbai and each day has so much to offer, you wish it had more than 24 hours.

Kids are having a gala time in the parking lot where under Surf Excel's excellent sponsorship there are a whole lot of activities - painting, clay modelling, dancing... the works!

Then there's the amphitheatre buzzing with brilliant performances from dancers, theatre artists, models and all. The Kala Ghoda venue has a large number of stalls that revive the shopoholic in you. Many of them are represented by organisations like Concern India, NAB and other social causes related organisations. I was amazed to discover the unique saree hanger created by students of NAB.

Well, the place is crowded (and it's a pretty decent crowd) on the weekend, but it's worth visiting the Kala Ghoda festival at this time.

I even managed to convince my beau Mrinal and my best friend to allow me to try my hand at pottery amid the hustle-bustle! The festival brings out the artist and the child in you :)

More about the festival, a bit later.

My quote for February

Trust is but a dicey word, it dices a bit and it's all rust.