Hi! I am Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli (Founder - Rippletors, Creative Minds at Play).

I did my Masters in Analytical and Medicinal Chemistry. But perhaps there was some chemistry between me and writing that translated into a twelve-year (and counting) relationship with copywriting. That's when I write for my clients and their brands.

But blogging for me is when I write for myself, just scribbling all that I feel like. So blogging is my friend, a stress-buster, a diary, a meeting place where I meet fellow bloggers and wonderful people... And over the years, blogging has help me initiate and support a cause. It has helped me raise awareness about Fibromyalgia. And that perhaps is the purpose of my life!

Skills - Branding, print ads, hoardings, posters, direct mailers, conceptualizing event themes, writing brochures and compendiums to radio spots, television and corporate films, online advertising, websites, SEM and SEO for content, and of course blogging!

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  1. HI Anuradha,
    Thanks for bringing this smile, wen ever I read your posts!
    I am smiling right now !
    U have a amazing blog !


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