Nach Baliye - Another Reality

It's a pity that such a popular reality show is surrounded with a controversy over its results after the grand finale.

I was watching Star News where Rakhi Sawant and Abhishek Awasthi in a press conference called by her appeared extremely disappointed with the results. They even mentioned that it is a case of software scandal as the results were through people's votes via SMS.

I heard them saying that Rakhi Sawant will be performing at Juhu during New Year's and blah blah blah... Now while one might empathise with the couple if their claim is true, the mention of her Juhu performance in this context sounds like a publicity stunt to attact audience here. Only God knows what the truth is!

Numbers Repeat Themselves

Those who know what I'm talking about shall wonder how come I'm writing about this so late. But Mrinal, Nivedita, Beta, Swati, Lanchee, Ravi, Pranjal, Raika, Yogesh, Shreya, Yogita and all you guys at Focus, I used to think that at least avoiding to write about this will prevent it to happen. It didn't, so I'm trying to pen this weird thing that happens with me.

Time when I think about having my lunch: 1:11 pm
Time when I look at the watch to see how to schedule the rest of the day: 14:14 hours
Time when I plan to set my alarm for the next morning: 00:00 hours
A vehicle number ahead of my rickshaw: 2121
The bill that comes after I order something at a take away counter: Rs. 111
Not to forget, that this is after the tax. Before adding the tax amount: Rs. 99
Time that I avoid taking my GAP exam (explaining the funda to Deepali): 3:33 pm
Bala's anticipation of my GAP score: 88.8% or 99.9%
The score I actually get in my GAP exam: 88%
A mail sent by Deepali to all, announcing my score: 05:05 pm

Someone tell me how to get rid of seeing numbers like this. It's driving me crazy. I might see some numbers like this again. It happens otherwise too.

Anybody knows what is this all about?

Anybody knows how I avoid this?

New Year's spirit is now high!

I tried and tried and tried and finally I must scream EUREKA!
My New Year's plans are on and it's gonna be a long 3-day celebration this time.
Thank you friends for all the wishes and prayers.
A special thanks to:
  1. Mrinal for eventually finding out some availability.
  2. Deepa for taking all the trouble to go and book our tickets.
  3. My friends who all agreed to come together to the place.
  4. Gautam for giving ideas for New Year's destinations.
  5. All my friends who prayed for us and wished us luck (Deepali!).

Speeding towards the New Year

Finally got a 4-day holiday for the New Year celebrations. Now the gang for celebration is finalised, the duration for partying is confirmed and the New Year mood is set. And all the hotels and resorts in the world seem to be booked :(

Damn, why doesn't the world decide to stay at home this once, watching the festivities on the television or celebrating at the terrace while we get a booking on the outskirts of Mumbai!

Pray we get the hotel booking we are looking for!

Ruler and beggar, roles keep swapping

Life takes you through various ups and downs. Sometimes you feel rich, sometimes poor, sometimes you feel on the top of the world, sometimes you feel frustrated like hell. But the fastest variation of this pattern that I face is when I need to travel within the Mumbai city every single day. Here's a day in my life as a beggar / ruler / beggar / ruler...

Morning around 9 a.m. - I am the beggar:
I set off for office. Finding an auto rickshaw is like finding an oasis.
70% rickshaw wallahs say a stern NO for going to station. But that's not disappointing, it's the way the make a face (like the typical Lalita Pawar character in Hindi movies looking down upon and insulting her poor daughter-in-law) that makes me feel miserable.

After a lot of as"king" the kings for a ride, trying in different styles - sternly, ordering, pleading, puppy face... finally one or the other auto rickshaw wallah agrees.

This happens 4 times a day, every day.

But sometimes, the roles reverse. How and when, that I shall tell you later. For now I need to go to sleep before praying and hoping that tomorrow the first auto rickshaw wallah I come across, follows my command.