Colours of Nine Days of Navrati

Ever got out of your house during Navrati festival and noticed most of the people are wearing the same colour? Well, it's a custom or rather a trend to wear clothes of a particular colour on a particular day of Navrati, especially in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Now, the nine colours are known to represent the nine avatars of Goddess Durga. And a colour is fixed in advance for each day of the festival.

The Colours of Nine Days of Navrati 2011 are as follows:
Colour for Pratipada on September 28: Blue 
Colour for Dvitiya & Tritiya on September 29: Yellow
Colour for
Chaturthi on September 30: Green
Colour for Panchami on October 1: Grey
Colour for Shashti on October 2: Orange
Colour for Saptami on October 3: White
Colour for Asthami on October 4: Red
Colour for Navami on October 5: Purple
Colour for Vijayadashami on October 6: Pink

And Google enters its teenage years!

As Google turns 13, will we be subjected to more experimentation as teenagers want to try something new every time? So what can we expect? Google x1, Google Fizz, Google Capsule, Google Remix, Google Roads... Let's see! For now, Google's greatest fan wishes it a very Happy Birthday!

My latest puns

Someone somewhere is maid for you!
- Dedicated to my househelp without whom I can't imagine a day
I forgot I had poor memory!

Why we should be Happy about Teachers' Day

My language proficiency helps me earn my livelihood. Thanks to Meera Kamath and Mohana teacher (English), Krishnan sir (English), Bajaj teacher (Hindi), Rukmini teacher (Hindi) and Shubhangi teacher and Rekha Patil (Marathi).

My Maths helps me count my earnings. Thanks to Selvin sir and Lata madam.

My discipline helps me stay focused thanks to Lata madam (Principal).

I realise I can be more fit thanks to Pishal sir (PT).

I understand colours and forms thanks to D'Mello teacher (Drawing).

I know much about the food I eat, the plants I grow, the electronics I use, the medicines I take, the air I breathe... thanks to my Science teachers - Somali Ghosh teacher, Sudha teacher and Yadav sir.

I know about my rights and duties thanks to Meera Kamath teacher (Civics).

From the smallest things in our life to our biggest decisions, what our teachers taught us has a major contribution.

When we count the notes correctly before handing them over to a cabwallah, when we fight against corruption / negligence / potholes / wrongdoers, when we pay our taxes, when we earn a promotion, when we help somebody, when we spend hours on Facebook / Gaming and then realise we have wasted a lot of time, when we do engineergiri to make our remote / mobile handset / laptop work, when we say "I have" and "He has" (and not "I has" and "He have") in our daily bakbak, when we manage to be polite with someone even when we don't want to be... we are using the knowledge our teachers have imparted us during the foundation years of our life.

We might have done masti during some lectures, we might have poked fun at some teachers, we might have been scared of some teachers... but in some hidden corner of our heart we know how much these teachers meant to us. We all should be grateful that they were there when we didn't even know that we need them. We all should be happy about Teachers' Day!