Real beauty is real peace

Real beauty is what brings a smile to your face before you know it. Something that makes your heart skip a beat or beat faster. And then you feel at peace.

Wondering where can real beauty be found? Well, just at two places:
1. Where we never expect to find it.
2. Where we know most definitely that it exists.

Wow... isn’t it just everywhere!

Expect the unexpected.
You travel back home after a long day’s work. Seated in a crowded train you just want the time to travel faster than light so that you reach home in no time. The wrinkles on your forehead are suddenly overpowered by a smile when you notice a little child in his mom’s arms smiling and wanting to play with you. You find beauty right there as the tiny hands reach out to touch your face!

That reminds me of yesterday’s dragonfly visit. It rained for a while and a dragonfly came fluttering into my house. At first, I was a bit shocked. But in no time it settled on the floor and happily posed for the camera. That half-a-centimetre face was so adorable, so beautiful... I wouldn’t have noticed it had I not captured the moment in a camera.

Truly beautiful
Real beauty also exists where we know for sure it does. Like the sunrise and the sunset. The first clouds that float in the sky and announce the arrival of monsoon.

The full moon in all its glory. The pretty girl or the handsome young man that walks past us. Real beauty exists when our beloved pops the question or says yes when we ask. It’s out there in the pages of an old photo album that for some reason look way beautiful than the images we have on our phones.

To me, real beauty in its truest sense is what it makes us feel like... at the sight or realisation of which we forget everything else - stress, deadlines, pain and sorrow. We don’t actually realise or admit it but those few moments of experiencing real beauty are those when we feel really peaceful!

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