Facebook making us Bruce Almighty | The ICU Syndrome

My blogger friend Varsha just posted:

"All those updating from bus stands....railway stations...airports...just what do you want us to do with this information??"

She seriously got me thinking! Some of the people on Facebook really make us Bruce Almighty

We know everything about at least 10 friends on our Facebook profile at any given moment:
  1. When they woke up
  2. What kind of morning beverage they had - tea, green tea, dark coffee, beer, water in copper vessel...
  3. When they left for work
  4. Which train they boarded
  5. When they reached office, where it is located, if they reached before or after their boss
  6. What they had for lunch
  7. Did they have a 4 pm snack, what exactly

From Written Words to Inspiring Voice | Meeting Author of The Bankster

The First Open BAR (Blogger Author Rendezvous)
It was a bloggers’ meet of sorts arranged by Indiblogeshwari Vinita Bahl and Ravi Subramanian, author of The Bankster. 

Ravi Subramanian
Firstly, for the first time I was the first one to reach a bloggers’ meet (obviously I will force the word ‘first’ too many times here!). I cannot explain the wonderful feeling when I entered Chocolateria San Churro, Bandra, thinking the meet was at 12 pm (it was scheduled for 1 and thank God I was mistaken) only to find that no one had arrived by then! Alright, I travelled and reached with Varsha Bagadia, but I am taking the liberty here as I climbed up the stairs before her ;)

Live in the moment

Where you go,
what you see,
who you meet,
is a mystery.

Who joins you,
who you join,
as time travels,
is but destiny.