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Bad copy. I know. Have been writing for ads all these days (how well, that u can see!). It’s been a long time since I scribbled some ‘interesting’ stuff here. Suma and Aarthi reminded me of that. Now you all have to pay for it. Read. Suffer. Blame it on the twosome.

Not that I have been too busy; lazy, well you can say. Lost touch on writing (not copywriting though!). So don’t expect anything interesting out here, were you in any case? Just some observations.

PAGE 3: Went for the movie some time back. No, no, am not writing movie reviews anymore. Was wondering how Page 3 of Bombay Times has become a brand by itself. Imagine starting a publication. Could you have ever foresee that one of its newspaper pages could become so popular that people would make films and serials by its name! Great evolution. Guess what could be coming next… Channel 2! (Ok, it’s long time no PJ!).

IDOL Worship: Annu writing about worship! Sounds strange I know. Well this is about the idols being ‘created’ by Sony, Zee, MTV, Channel V… They used to say we have a pool of talent. Seems it is overflowing these days, adding up to peer pressure I suppose. Anyway the winners as well as the runner ups are all damn talented… Am getting an inferiority complex again. Why don’t they have a PJ Idol, no points for guessing who will win!

Ok, now I think it’s long time you have been reading. Enough dose. I think I’d better spend some time now beating Cyrus / Ankush over Literati.

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Oops I did it again! Too much copywriting.

Have nice days ahead. Bye.