Overwork to Work is Over

Annu's pravachan number 11:
From "overwork" to "work is over" is somehow always a long journey. And for some reason, it has a lot of "work all over again"!
Annu's pravachan number 22:
It's only when you overwork that you realize how much you can... or rather you can't.

Me and my money evaporating this summer!

The heat seems to break every record since the last two years and more so during the last two weeks. And I am sure, the sales of bottled water, soft drinks and juices, tissue papers, handkerchiefs, short pants and sleeveless shirts, refrigerators and air conditioners too are breaking (read 'making') records with the increasing temperature. 
Two things however don't seem to increase with the increase in heat - my weight and the money in my wallet!
Looks like I am evaporating. The popular question, "Why don't you put on some weight?" somehow has gained momentum since March. As if the 70% water in me is evaporating in the sun (despite my extra liquid intake)! Am not very sure about it, but I am certain my money is evaporating with the heat.

Those who know me well would be shocked to know that I actually bought an air-conditioner this time (ya ya a 5-star rated, am not harming the climate the way it's harming me). If you don't know me well, I am like the ones who argue in the office over the chilling AC temperatures. So, my bank balance trembled after the major kharcha on AC and then the over-expenditure on sprite, juices (ranging from guava to mango), ice creams, cucumbers, jelly, face wash and cotton clothes. I think it's about time I charge companies and clients summer allowance that's tax-free!

This is a dry weekend!

And once again we decided on a particular restaurant (Pot Pourri) since Mrinal wanted to have beer and it turned out to be a dry day! So guys and gals if you are planning to drink and dine out this weekend (10-11 April), remember it's a dry one on account of elections.

Aam junta's commonly used English words in daily lingo

How often have you come across these kinds:

Girl 1: Arre, he's so cute you know. He actually picked up the books I dropped. I was so happy yaar you know. And then he smiled... you know... smiled at me... wow!!!

Girl 2: Read more here - A Copywriter's Blog: Most commonly used English words in daily lingo! 

Stupidest questions, silliest conversations!

Once in a while, we end up saying something really very silly we can laugh about all our life! The best part is, these silly things actually become the fodder during reunions with friends and you love to recollect such memories time and again. So this one conversation happened today and I can't stop laughing at my sillygiri:

Ratish: Tomorrow is a holiday, it's Good Friday
Me: Ya? Wow, so Mrinal will be at home tom... I thought Good Friday was on Monday!

He he! I have been part of (read responsible for) many such funny conversations. What about you?

Tata bye bye to Maruti 800 and Omni cars

As per the latest reports, Maruti 800 and Omni cars will not be sold in some 11 cities across India from April 1. These cities include Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai. Why? Well this step is taken in view of the Euro IV norms. From April, the automakers will have to upgrade their cars so that they are Euro IV emission norm complaint (in major Indian cities). Now, making Maruti 800 and Omni cars Euro IV emission norm complaint appears to be a costly task and might end up in considerably increasing the cost of these cars. So, it has been decided to phase out these cars.

Well, I've grown seeing Maruti 800s plying on the roads. And whatever they say about it, I believe  Omni cabs give us the best leg space. Will miss them both!

Check out the Moneycontrol report on the same.

Image courtesy - maruti800.com