Stupidest questions, silliest conversations!

Once in a while, we end up saying something really very silly we can laugh about all our life! The best part is, these silly things actually become the fodder during reunions with friends and you love to recollect such memories time and again. So this one conversation happened today and I can't stop laughing at my sillygiri:

Ratish: Tomorrow is a holiday, it's Good Friday
Me: Ya? Wow, so Mrinal will be at home tom... I thought Good Friday was on Monday!

He he! I have been part of (read responsible for) many such funny conversations. What about you?


  1. lolzzzzzz..

    I am famous for showing wrong directions - with full confidence..once we were looking for Mahim wala Delhi Darbar takeaway joint..and I directed people in the completely opposite direction in spite of them telling me that I was wrong..all thanks to my (over) everytime they ask me and I guide them, they say - delhi darbar again? humph!!!

  2. hey thanks being my follower

    how many sites u created b'cos , i can place only one site of urs

    tell me which one i can place in my blog

  3. ha ha that's funny! i'm known to be the person who people always approach for directions... i think my glasses make me look trustworthy ;) my first post on this blog was about that -

  4. thanks knk, i have many blogs, though u can opt for this one or

  5. hey i choose this one

    its good


    i have a question how many years back you start blogging

    its really wonderful
    i think u created nearly 10
    a lot of posts cool

    looks u ahve so much of patience

    any way
    talk wit u later

    enjoy good friend

    take care

  6. good friday on monday? :P :P :D :D


    i can list down my thousand such silly conversations :P


  7. Heehee..Sillygiri is v cool! The best part is we would giggle over these convos for hours!!!:-)


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