In remembrance of Shubhangi teacher

When I went for my marriage registration three years ago, the rude and lazy registrar treated us differently, or should I say indifferently. Knowing that me and my husband are not Maharashtrians, she started speaking against us to her colleagues in Marathi when we complained that she cannot make us unnecessarily run from pillar to post. 

She was left speechless when she learnt that I understood every single word. She had almost ruined our marriage registration process had I not understood Marathi. At that moment, I was just glad that I understand the language. But the thought that it was thanks to Shubhangi teacher, and not just my school as I bragged, did not occur to me then. THANK YOU TEACHER. 

The unfortunate news of the demise of Shubhangi teacher, my school teacher who taught us Marathi, has reminded me of the impact her teachings have left in my life. We never know what we learn in which stage of life might help us! 

The learnings, small or big, always stay with us... We just don't realize / acknowledge who taught us what as we get busy with the challenges life throws at us every now and then. I wonder how we would have handled these very challenges if it were not for our teachers and parents! 

Shubhangi teacher was a wonderful person and a great teacher. From Marathi sentence constructions to samas, from essay writing to speaking in the language... I owe it to Shubhangi teacher. 

Those wonderful moments during Ganpati when I used to visit my best friend Ranjeeta's house where her relatives would speak in Marathi and I would understand and enjoy the lovely moments and converse with her grannies... I owe it to Shubhangi teacher. 

Those small moments of the daily life when I manage to bargain with the sabziwaala in Marathi, speak with my househelp or reply to fellow train commuters when they ask me "Utraaycha aahey ka?"... I owe it to Shubhangi teacher. 

Enjoying those lovely Marathi plays and movies starring Laxmikant Berde, Ashok Saraf, Vikram Gokhale, and getting inspired by films like Harishchandrachi Factory, understanding Marathi news... I owe it to Shubhangi teacher. 

Remember how we all used to stand up in the class after every period and say in chorus, "THANK YOU TEACHER!" We never realized what we were thanking the teachers for. Back then, it was more of a ritual. Today, the meaning stands strong. 

Dear Shubhangi teacher, there is so much you have taught us, I wish I could thank you in person. I wish I could be with you in your trying times. 

May your soul rest in peace.

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  1. Suresh vishwanathanFriday, May 04, 2012

    What you say is correct. We cannot thank our teachers and parents enough. Though we may feel that whatever we have done on our own, but the truth is we would have been nothing without our parents and teachers hard work. May i add their selfless hardwork..ur right about people getting surprised on we speaking marathi...last week itself one of marathi office collegue was shocked i could speak such good and fleunt marathi...its also thanks to teachers like shubhangi mam....her passion for teaching...specially samas will always remain in my was guarnteed 5 marks in exams bcos of her.....and for her i too stand up and say THANK YOU TEACHER...

  2. Mere hotoun ki baat cheen li. There r no other words to speak.

  3. Thanks for expressing into words so nicely, our gratitude for our teachers.
    UR touchy blog took me down to the memory lane...
    On how she used to take my textbook to teach from,always converse with me in marathi, mispelled my name for my sister's... Will truly miss shubhangi mam...

  4. What a lovely tribute to someone who touched your lives so beautifully in school. There are some unique folks who know how to make learning fun for everyone, and Shubhangi Teacher must have been one such . May her soul RIP...

  5. Truly very touchy, almost made me cry! I still remember how i used to get fascinated by her signature....especially coz we shared the same last name...NAIK...I had once got her red bangles from calcutta which she adored so much...I remember those pats I used to get from her on scoring highest in her subject...I still remember her image wearing white bengali saree with red border on republic days and independence days!! I guess its true that you never realise the importance of people till the time they move away from your life....I wish i had the chance to atleast meet her once.....and hats off to Vikram Puri and Sandeep Thakur that they made it to 7 hills hospital just to have a glimpse of her....its really amazing!! She deserved it! She was one of the best teachers I ever had! Thank you Shubhangi miss but will always feel sorry that I couldn't meet up with her after I left school!

  6. Does she know you wrote this blog? I am happy we have teachers like Shubangi in our country who teach with care and effectiveness!

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  9. @Suresh, you are right, we would have been nothing without our teachers and parents.
    @Rajesh, I am sure we all are thinking the same things today.
    @Ranjeeta, yes those little things mean so much today. I remember her calling you Vaishali, and today that is a lovely memory.
    @Ugich Konitari, true, Shubhangi teacher was one of the best teachers when we studied at Bangur Nagar Vidya Bhavan, Goregaon. We were lucky to have some great teachers at school.
    @Amitji, thank you.
    @Sampada, I know... she was very encouraging. My marks in Marathi used to be higher than in Hindi which is my mother tongue. How it took us 19 years to understand the deep importance of what all we learned in school!

  10. A real touching tribute for our teacher...

  11. That's so well put. Glad you did this tribute. Brought back so many memories of teachers who we hated while they strived to get the best out of us. Love the small moments you quoted.

  12. You are so right abt the teachers who we disliked while they strived to get the best out of us!


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