Candy Crush: Are you ready to burn calories?

I and my husband are too much into gaming. Actually, my MIL, BIL and SIL as well. We often discuss the various levels of God of War, Tomb Raider [PS3] or Candy Crush. Me and my MIL were literally discussing tricks to clear a particular level on CC as I tutored her on the various combinations that would be helpful -  a 30-minute discussion! And the family bonding is reflected in the way we help each other out crack a level someone is having trouble with.

Blog Review: UmaS Reflections

I love Christmas a lot. And I love the Secret Santa bit we used to have at work. But now, that I do not work full time, I have been really missing it. But Indiblogeshwaris have come to my rescue! Job pe nahi toh kya hua, blog pe Secret Elf khelengey!!!

So #ThatTuesdayThingy of this week is becoming a Secret Blog Elf and reviewing a blog. I got a wonderful opportunity to review UmaS Reflections

Getting the word out...

I try my best to spread the word about it. Yeah, I understand those of you who have come across my several posts on the subject might tend to ignore reading this. But I am writing time and again to help the ones unaware about the debilitating condition learn about it, get diagnosed in time and understand those who are suffering.

Is the Google Search Box not working on your blog?

I was facing this search problem since a few days. The Google search box on my blog that was operational since a few years suddenly started behaving weird. On any input, it would just come back to the same page with no results but a cross mark on the top right hand side of the gadget (x).

I Googled about it and found that Blogger engineers are aware of the issue and working for a permanent solution. Meanwhile, you can try the following solution.

Of Apples and Applesaas (III-B, Final Part)

...Continued from here.

Priya tried to conceal her anger behind a fake little smile. But everyone in the audience, and particularly Raman, knew that she was really unhappy with his answer.

Raman was obviously good in reading body language. "Ouch Adarsh, looks like you have certainly forgotten something. Think hard Adarsh, be an adarsh pati (ideal husband)!

Strangely, only the women in the audience laughed. 

Adarsh felt a bit nervous. Which man would like to be perceived as a not-so-good husband in the eyes of so many women... and all together for that matter!

The Story of Book Titles

During the cold days, beautiful creatures wandered around the house of hades. They sang a melancholy and the mountains echoed. It was like heaven on earth, a perfect place for true lovers. Eleanor & park knew about the ocean at the end of the lane, but they decided to spend some time together before moving to a new land. It was tough to leave this abode of love but MaddAddam had warned them against occupying this place life after life

Finding music everywhere

As I sat to write for Day 4 of the WriteTribe challenge post midnight (Theme: Music), I wondered if I should talk about my favourite song, favourite music or favourite instrument. As I sat in silence, thinking what to write about, I heard the lovely sounds that are so typical of our place at this time of the day (night). Music is everywhere, isn't it! But generally, we only notice it when we are on our headphones or watching latest songs. 

The banana leaf plate

I am a complete foodie, vegetarian though, but I love to try out different varieties of food. I believe, the magic that delicious food creates has a lot to do with the way it is prepared, presented, served and eaten.

Have you ever attended a South Indian wedding? I happened to attend a few. The recent one was of a friend in Chennai. The seating arrangement was in long rows with enough space between the consecutive rows for people to move easily. The traditional meal was served on banana leaves. It is such a wonderful, eco-friendly experience.

Of Apples and Applesauce (II-B)

The other day I was reading Dagny Sol's post Of Apples and Applesauce (I) with much interest, moving from paragraph to paragraph wondering what happens next, when she ended it with "To be continued…"!

Ouch! It made me wonder what was hidden in the covered plate... One thing led to other and I was tempted to write a little story that would be unfolded in the next post. Dagny suggested that I can write one version of the continuation and well, I thought of giving it a try. One start of story, two different routes and who knows whether they would have a similar or drastically different endings! And what if both of us write the same thing leading to the same end... weird! Okay, let me use my imagination to weave a story now.

The 5 am scarf

Isn't it amazing how some things remind us of someone from the past! Especially if the things are associated with your childhood.

Like when I was a little girl, every morning I would wake up at around 5 am to go downstairs with my dada (grandfather) to purchase milk from the local Aarey Dairy booth. We used to stay on the 4th floor and we did not have a lift. But when you are young, you have all the energy to run up and down several times! Even during winters, I would insist on going.

The fragrant Crinum Lily (Image Source - Wikipedia)
It's a faint memory, but I remember that parents or grandparents would nicely tie a scarf to cover my head and ears. It became something like a ritual. I would wake up all exited. Someone would tie a scarf on my head and then I would hold dada's hand and run down the stairs. First we would collect the milk bottles (back then, there used to be glass milk bottles in an easy-to-carry rack after standing in a small queue). Then we would take a little walk in the area and collect the lovely flowers dropped on the ground.

Those Crinum Lily and Raat Rani (Night Blooming Jasmine) flowers have become a fragrant part of my childhood memories. Even now, if I come across them, they take me to a sweet trip down the memory lane.

Do you have such little things that remind you of some lovely childhood moments? I would love to read about them!

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Wear a heart

My blogger friend Mr. Deepak Amembal tours a lot and shares the pictures with us. From dosas to goola bajay, from people to Gods. As he travels, we get to see the different aspects, specialities and cultures of different places. And today, he shared the picture of the bull who wears his heart on his forehead at Annual Shashti Celebrations. 

The bull with the heart and a pink light at the background inspired me to imagine what his story could be. And so here it is:

He was shy that way. He tried to indicate he liked her, but she never understood. He appeared a bit rude, she thought he has no feelings. He continued to be a shy-bull while a macho-bull wooed her away.
He finally shed his inhibitions and now he wears
his heart on his head. Though it hasn't helped him, as now he appears too soft and the other bulls bully him.
But he knows someday he will find a cow with a heart... but how???

And yes, I did look up for a cow with a heart and guess I found him a compassionate match. What's say?

Source -

Time Machine: Before and After Facebook

Like, Comment and Share have become our most commonly used words. Yeah, the advent of Facebook has changed so many things, some for good, some for worse. One good thing is that we all got in touch with our long lost friends and relatives. But most of Facebookers have a rather exciting virtual life than a real one. Well, I am guilty too, so who am I to preach here! : )

Anyway, I kinda hopped on a virtual Time Machine to have a bird's eye view on life before and after Facebook. Then I weaved a little story based on my imaginary journey. Here's an excerpt:

Before Facebook

Phone rings.

Payal: Hi Geeta

Geeta: Hi wassup!

Payal: Hey what are you doing tomorrow? Would you like to stay over at my place? I will make your favourite pav bhaji and we can watch the season 10 of Friends together... Parents are out of town.... 

Read the entire post published on Half Baked Voices and do share how things have changed for you after Facebook came into your life.