Homage to 26/11 Mumbai attack martyrs

We are proud of you for your sacrifice...
if it was not for your efforts, some of us might not have been alive

Paying homage to the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack martyrs:

Shri Hemant Karkare
Shri Hemant Karkare, Joint Commissioner of Police, ATS, Mumbai (A brave officer and a gentleman)
Shri Ashok Kamte, Additional Commissioner of Police, East Region, Mumbai
Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, Indian Army
Shri Vijay Salaskar, Police Inspector, Anti Extortion Cell, Mumbai
Shri Shashank Shinde, Police Inspector, CST Railway station
Shri Prakash P More, Police Sub-Inspector, LT Marg Police Station
Shri Bapusaheb Durugade, Police Sub-Inspector, LA 1, Naigaon
Shri Tukaram G Omble, Assistant Police Sub-Inspector, DB Marg Police Station

Shri Balasaheb Bhosale, Assistant Police Sub-Inspector
Shri M C Chowdhary, Police Head Constable RPF
Shri Gajendra Singh, NSG Commando
Shri Arun Chithe, Police Constable
Shri Ashok Kamte
Shri Jaywant Patil, Police Constable
Shri Yogesh Patil, Police Constable
Shri Ambadas Pawar, Police Constable
Shri Vijay Khandekar, Police Constable
Shri Rahul S Shinde, Police Constable, SRPF Group X Solapur
Shri Mukesh B Jadhav, Home Guard Constable

Why is Kasab still surviving 26/11???

I can never forget that fateful day two years ago on 26/11/2008. We returned from our honeymoon only to be shocked with the news on television. We couldn't believe our eyes and ears. Is it a nightmare? It can't be true. We were hooked onto the news channels and internet news sites for days together.

I can't explain the hatred I developed for Kasab and whoever the masterminds of the Mumbai attacks might be. For the first time in my life I wanted someone to suffer... someone to be brutally tortured. Little did I know that today, two years from then, I would still be wanting him to be punished. Kasab - why is he the one to survive the 26/11 attacks???  The person (no, he can't be a human) who walked peacefully after mercilessly killing many is still at peace!!! Why are we not setting an example by punishing him severely??? Why are we not sending a strong message to all the terrorists out in the world - DON'T MESS WITH OUR NATION OR ELSE...

We owe it to all the martyrs and all those great people who fought the 26/11 terrorists, don't we? But all we can do is wait for the system to take its course. Trials after trials after trials. The people who were killed for no fault of theirs had no trial for anything... they were killed in an instant, there families' lives changed in a day. And Kasab is still facing trials!!! Everyone saw what happened... yet???

I know there's no point saying all this... as whatever has to happen with those responsible will take its own 'procedural' course. But then all I can do with those in-humans is express my hatred, yet again!

If there were 2 Sundays a week!

Every Monday, every person is on the same page, “Sunday got over too fast!” A 2-day weekend (that some of us ‘enjoy’) is seldom sufficient. And we get into this regular Monday day dreaming mode… If only there were no Mondays, if only there were 2 Sundays…

They say everything happens for the best. I wondered what could be ‘best’ about having just one Sunday a week. So, I decided to evaluate the pros and cons of having 2 Sundays a week… aah a 4-day working week! And here are my findings on having an extra Sunday every week:

1. YIPPEE! More hours of sleep. OOPS! More weight gain.
2. YIPPEE! More time with better half. OOPS! More effort convincing the ‘better half’ to accompany us shopping, dining, movies, etc.
3. YIPPEE! More shopping at malls. OOPS! Being in crowd, traffic and noise one more day. More expenses.
4. YIPPEE! More dining out. OOPS! More waiting during crowded weekends, more expenses. More weight gain.
5. YIPPEE! More time at home. OOPS! More cooking, cleaning and getting frustrated when the house-help bunks on Sunday… I mean Sundays!
6. YIPPEE! More bank holidays. OOPS! Having just 4.5 days to do the entire bank related work.
7. YIPPEE! A longer weekend. OOPS! Wondering we work so much – more than half a week. Wishing if there were 3 Sundays a week!

Conclusion: It’s all for the best. One Sunday a week is good. There’s no harm day dreaming of an extra Sunday though ;)