If the glass is half empty

If the glass is half empty:
  1. Transfer the water to a smaller glass
  2. Add half-a-glass of vodka
  3. Tell me, why did you drink just half-a-glass
  4. Add some ice
  5. Pick up another one
  6. Drink it 
Now you tell me!
  1. Wait for the waiter to fill it - Mrinal
  2. Why waste half glass of water? Add half glass Whiskey and make its life worth it. - Siddhesh Kabe
  3. If half a glass of water can quench my thirst and still leave a few drops at the bottom of the glass; why even think of a full glass? - Akshay Surve
  4. As a IT guy .. i am used to see progress bar which is kind of false positive
  5. Good! Less water -more food. Burp!!! - Chaitanya

Yes, I have listed my resolutions for 2011

I used to make New Year resolutions religiously and would always score a 10 on 10. For some reason (read laziness) though, I skipped this routine since 2008 / 2009. Not that I regret it, but now that I am again in a let's-not-be-too-lazy mode, I have listed my resolutions in a brand new diary! Next Jan, I'll revisit this post and I am sure I'll list out the achievements!

Why am I not sharing the list now? Ha ha... The "what ifs" are way too stronger than the "why nots" right now and the "of course, I must" is struggling to free itself from the overpowering laziness. But one thing's for sure, I'm gonna score a 10 again. And if I don't, I'll make the world believe that I did ;)

Happy New Year!