Wish there were two of me

Too much work. Too much is actually an understatement now. So was just wondering today that I need two of me. So both of us can share the work. And then life could be so simple!

But then, now my thoughts are bouncing in various directions. If there were two of me, then would two of us travel in a train together everyday? So in a crowded train I might be pushed by myself. Damn.

Where will the other me sit then at work? The trio Ambar-Dhara-Taara might become Ambar-Dhara-Taara-Ambar Dobaara! When these days I'm missing on my workouts, either me or the other-me can catch up with some gymming.

Mrinal, my better half, will be happy and sad. More confused I suppose. Poor sweetheart of mine will have to hear the non-stop chatter of 2 of us (I alone am too much for his ears). Or may be only I'll talk. But how different can the other-me be? Will both of us need to shop. Yes, of course. Oops... Both will go for movies, both will have a mobile phone, both will eat and eat and eat...

But then, when the other me was conceptualised to share my work, will she be paid as well? If not, then my expenses just double up. So the other me will be an advantage for me or not? Damn... To me or not to me? Now I understand what all those people working on cloning related stuff and decisions might be going through.

I suppose then that two of me is not that good an idea. How about the ability to disappear! Let me think...


  1. But why should the tow of you be doing the same thing in the first place??
    btw, very interesting thought need I say?
    offlate, have you seen the movie Multiplicity starring Michael Keaton by any chance???

  2. So in a crowded train I might be pushed by myself. hahahaha


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