Kala Ghoda Festival - Review

I went to the annual Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2008 last weekend... yeah both the days! Wow, it was amazing! Creativity was the buzz word, be it short films, plays, stalls or the art displays on the street. There's so much to explore and when you walk out, you are in a completely different world - all fresh and inspiring.

The festival is from 2nd to 10th February in Mumbai and each day has so much to offer, you wish it had more than 24 hours.

Kids are having a gala time in the parking lot where under Surf Excel's excellent sponsorship there are a whole lot of activities - painting, clay modelling, dancing... the works!

Then there's the amphitheatre buzzing with brilliant performances from dancers, theatre artists, models and all. The Kala Ghoda venue has a large number of stalls that revive the shopoholic in you. Many of them are represented by organisations like Concern India, NAB and other social causes related organisations. I was amazed to discover the unique saree hanger created by students of NAB.

Well, the place is crowded (and it's a pretty decent crowd) on the weekend, but it's worth visiting the Kala Ghoda festival at this time.

I even managed to convince my beau Mrinal and my best friend to allow me to try my hand at pottery amid the hustle-bustle! The festival brings out the artist and the child in you :)

More about the festival, a bit later.

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  1. Haha it's Kala Ghoda - crowd will be decent at least most of the time - some of the plays in the gardens and stuff get a lot of road side people walking in.

    Everyday I say I'll go for the heritage walk but never make it. This year looks impossible. If you are going day after - let me know.


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