5 Excuses To Skip Office & Watch India Pakistan Match

We all are looking forward to watch the India-Pakistan World Cup 2011 Match. Some call it unnecessary hype, others speak diplomatically, but the fact is we all enjoy Ind-Pak cricket matches more than anything else (ask your heart!).

Oh, but India will take on Pakistan on a Wednesday, March 30 2011... a weekday when we can’t think of taking a day off. Or maybe we can by using any of these 5 creative excuses to take leave from office and watch the match comfortably:

1.       There was a break-in at my house and the thief took away the main door. Can’t lock my house, can’t come to work.
2.       I was using Fevikwik... par chutki hi chipak gayi. Tried separating the thumb and index finger but now all my fingers and toes are stuck together. Can’t move, can’t make it to work today.
3.       Broke my glasses, can’t find my contact lenses, can’t see a thing. How will I reach office?
4.       I just realised I was to get married today. With the extreme work pressure at office, I completely forgot about it.
5.       I have been kidnapped. They want you, my boss, to pay the ransom (your boss will hang up before you continue).

NOTE: Try these excuses at your own risk. Loss of job and kidnapping issues aren’t my responsibility. I am just trying to help here... there’s a huge screen at my office for the match ;) Hey don’t turn green now!


  1. Brilliant! I'm sure gonna seek help from you this Wednesday! :P

  2. Brilliant!! Need more excuses, baat 1412 ki hain, you see! :P

  3. Best one is the thief taking your door away and you cant lock the door now.. lol.. short and sweet.. liked it..

  4. People will be needing this and more on 30th :-)

  5. Creative Thots! LOL~!!! =))

  6. Hahaha, Funny ones...Which one are you taking?

  7. thanks guys! @Kumar - I'm going to work for sure... that we have TV and a great screen out there keeps me from bunking!

  8. Wonderful excuses. Even though your boss does not fall for them he will have a good laugh!

  9. lol...thats funny...gr8 xcuses...i think i will try the fevikwik one :-P

  10. Lovely read Anu!!

    The irony is tht if I call my boss on Wednesday even for a genuine reason (as all my leave reasons r :P), my boss will sense sumthin amiss :))

    My excuse fr this game is: "An airplane, while flyin over my house, accidently dropped its wheel n it fell thru my roof while I ws in the loo, in the process locked me in it. Hence I cud nt cum out of house n neither cud i cum 2 office... nw it so happened (what a coincidence, sirji!) tht i cud catch the match on my neighbor's LCD thru my loo window ":D

    Wait, I already told him that fr the last match...:P

    Gr8 read, Anu :D

  11. Hehe creative :P
    i remember that excuse add seeing this one :P
    particularly liked the glasses one!
    hoping to see more of your works


  12. nice...

    i asked our IT team to unblock the cricket feeds for a day...

    wudnt want to hear some of these excuses tomorrow

  13. LOL, the best one was "Thieves took away the main door". Anyways, we had a big screen at office and were allowed to go home also, if we wished so:)
    Bosses have always been everyone hates. Even my boss hates his boss and so on. I just love to irritate bosses and this is how I wish to do it. Hopefully none of my sub-ordinates tries them onto me.
    Five innovative ways to irritate your boss


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