India is sick today!

Today, the roads are empty, the trains aren’t crowded and offices and colleges have very poor attendance. Why? Because most Indians are ‘sick’ today (read - they are gonna watch the India Pakistan World Cup 2011 semi-finals!). 

Thank God, this once, for the huge range and possibilities of medical problems that can be used as excuses to take a day off from work and colleges. 

Some of the common medical excuses that can be used are:

  1. Viral fever / flu... You have been coming to work all these days with fever, but today it has crossed the 103 degrees mark
  2. Bad cold... you can’t afford to be at office / college and spread the cold
  3. Headache / migraine / sinus... blame it on the work / study pressure
  4. Stomach upset... you were working late last night and had to order food from a local restaurant
  5. Toothache... you have to get your root canal done today
  6. Excessive dehydration... it’s the heat
  7. Muscle sprain... you had to push your wardrobe to find an important document
  8. Conjunctivitis... it spreads fast, doesn’t it?
Well, the can be really long but I’d rather concentrate on the match right now!

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  1. Hahaha!!! My excuse today was stomach upset ...the interesting thing was that my boss was on leave today too...incidently he's sufferin frm headache n body pain :P... I hope he gets better :)


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