My 10 Excuses to Skip Exams

I got this chance to write an article on excuses to skip exams for Well, I was more than happy to let my creative juices flow.

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I have compiled a list of 10 Excuses to Skip Exams (ab college ke itney saalon baad aur kuch nahin yaad aaya) of which some are:

1. Play Ghajini. Enter the class with words like “Exam”, ”Math”, ”Answer Sheet”, ”Marks”, “No Cheating”... written all over you. Put up a blank face when anyone asks you anything.

2. ‘Faint’. ‘Regain consciousness’ after they sprinkle water on your face. Repeat this twice so that the invigilator is convinced that you are seriously sick.

8. Somehow manage to break a honeycomb and release a swarm of bees in the classroom. Apne saath doosre students ka bhi bhalaa karo ;)

10. Five minutes before it’s time to distribute question papers, keep insisting that you want the paper immediately. Piss the invigilator off by insisting every 10 seconds. And when he gives you the paper on time, look at your watch and tell him that you can’t accept the paper and appear for the exam now as rahu kaal has started!

Read the entire list here and if you wish to add ideas, please do so on the site.

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