My best friend's birthday!

Today, 20th May, is Ranjeeta's birthday and I dedicate this post to her. Ranjeeta / Ranju is my best friend from school and now that she is in the US and I'm in Mumbai, I am missing her birthday yet again ;) So comes this blog post :)

As with most of us, I've had many many good friends, but with passing time contacts decreased and some friends are now completely out of touch. Except, of course, Ranjeeta, my amazing college friends and some great ex-colleagues. I remember how I wondered if we'd be able to stay as friends for long when she first left Mumbai for her Engineering studies elsewhere in Maharashtra.

But, touchwood, we wrote to each other regularly. Those were not the times of the internet and the traditional pen & paper letters did wonders (alright, we aren't that old, I'm talking about 1995)! I still treasure those blue inland letters and 3-4 pagers! Then she used to come during vacations, we used to spend great times together and she would leave. Initially, as my contacts with other school and friends started decreasing, with every passing year I had this feeling "Will we stay as friends forever?" And each year she would scare my fear away. The letters continued and there wasn't any gap. Then came our career... and she went abroad for the first time for a few months. And now I wasn't worried about being in touch with her anymore... I was sure we would! And we did. She had frequent visits abroad and her narrations of the places and the life in various parts of the world made me feel as if I was there too. The best part was the internet and Google talk :)

Ranjeeta missed my marriage, but she would call me frequently. At least I got to attend her wedding! How I felt like her soul sister being there all the while! And then came the day she had to depart to the US with her sweet and caring husband. I hadn't ever sobbed in her presence whenever she left. But this time I couldn't hold it back as I bid her farewell and told her I won't be coming to the airport. She assured me we'll stay in touch like always. I had no doubts. And we did!

18 years of great friendship. Amazing understanding. Not a single argument. Lots of birthdays missed. And one lifetime guarantee - best friends forever! I am lucky to have met Ranjeeta in my life - she's a gem of a person with a heart of gold, really caring, loving, making you feel better when you are low, motivating you when you wanna make it big in life, a great daughter, great sister, great wife... and a true friend!

Love you Ranjeeta! May you have a lovely birthday and a great and happy life! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Hey, aren't you gonna wish the lovely person too?


  1. Hi Ranjeeta,

    This birthday wish comes from a friend of your best friend! Suma here, remember me? :)

    You have a great birthday and a fantastic year ahead!

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  3. Happy birthday -Mrinal

  4. Hey dear Annu

    Thanx a lot for wishes .So happy and lucky to have a friend like you whom i can cherish forever .
    I am really touched by entire blog dedicated to me :))
    Luv and Miss yaa

  5. hey ab rulaayegi kya ;) miss you too babes!

  6. Hey Ranjeeta,

    Belated Happy Birthday!! Its really nice feeling to interact with old school freinds. And yes, you are really lucky to have a dear friend like anuradha.....hope you enjoyed yr b'day. Cheers Piyusha

  7. hey thanks so much suma and piyusha for adding up!!!

  8. Hay Ranjeeta,

    Wish you a very happy b'day.

    Best Regards

  9. Belated birthday wishes, Ranjeeta!
    Was out of town for few days and missed to wish you through this blog site.
    Annu, nice blog. Thanks for inviting me to wish Ranjeeta on this site.
    Old memories were refreshed after reading this blog. You wrote "her narrations of the places and the life in various parts of the world". This reminded me about her continuous pak-pak which we used to enjoy :D

  10. hey thanks somu and chandra for the wishes. and how are you guys?

  11. bas jee raja hun ;)
    Actually, all izz well.


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