What the Whack!

There have been so many incidents in my life where I felt like whacking someone. But then, I did not. Education and civic sense does that to you… damn the mannerisms! At the most, I end up calling up my friends and sharing the incidents with them. We discuss and debate and that is almost the end of it. Almost… because the memories occupy an un-deletable space in your mind!

Now thanks to Blogadda’s Whack this Wednesday contest (click on the links to know more about the contest), I ponder over those incidents and am ‘virtual’ly whacking those I couldn’t.

Train Mein Kachre-waali: This seemingly educated female took a window seat (you’ll know why) in the least crowded Vashi-Thane local train that was to depart in a few minutes. She removed a wrapper from her purse and shamelessly dropped it out of the window. I really had a bad day, so for the first time I controlled myself from stopping someone. Then the train left, she finished eating some chips and off went the wrapper. Now I was furious but kept quiet again. I never do that. I kept staring the female so that she feels guilty! And then she littered again!!! I asked her to stop doing so. Can you believe she said what’s wrong since she threw the kachra after the train left the platform! She started arguing and asked me to mind my own business. That was it! I gave her a good lecture but she didn’t care. She said she’ll litter all the more and I have no right to stop her… damn I so felt like slapping her as I stupidly asked her if she littered the same way in her house and she said YES!!!

Haath Ki Safaai: Recently, there was a car and bike accident just in front of my building. The person driving the car did not hit and run, but stopped it a few feet away. He clearly felt guilty and wanted to help the biker who was lying on the road, perhaps unconscious. But within a few seconds crowd gathered. The car driver tried to come out of his car twice, but the crowd looked furious and he stayed inside. Instead of rushing the victim to the hospital immediately, people approached the car driver who appeared to be pleading but then one person slapped him hard and you know what Haath Ki Safaai follows in such situations. I so felt like going downstairs and whacking the crowd. I did do what I could in my capacity. But why don't people simply call up the police if they really care? Or allow the person to take the victim to the hospital if he wants to?

Stubborn Rickshaw Driver: I had a super hectic day and reached Goregaon station around 9 pm with lots of heavy baggage. As always, rickshaw drivers kept refusing to go to Bangur Nagar. I was feeling very giddy and eventually sat in a rickshaw even when he refused... he wanted a very long-distance passenger. I told him that he has no right to refuse and he must at least consider that I am feeling very sick. The argument gained momentum; I lost it and refused to get off. The stubborn rickshaw driver said he won’t move and I can stay for as long as I wish. Damn he did not move at all for long! I had to step out in tears, feeling miserable and cursing him.

Some Aunty: My dear granny passed away a few years back after prolonged illness. It was that time when we all sat around her just before she was supposed to be taken away. And then, I heard some aunty seated behind me asking someone “Annu ke liye koi ladka dekha?” “Iski shaadi kab kara rahe ho?” I did not see who she was, I did not want to. Definitely she was someone elderly… but hello… I just lost someone very dear and was she there to mourn or to indulge in some marriage celebrations? Grrr…

Kaatil Kasab: I feel like whacking him for obvious reasons. More so, I want to whack the cruel masterminds whoever and wherever they are.


  1. You know, I lived out each event as you described it.....Great post ! Will join you in giving the whacks ....:-)

  2. Hi Anu,

    Nicely written.Everyone in the above incidents desereved a tight slap, especially the one at the funeral, people dont know what to talk when?nice post..All the best for contest.Cheers

  3. thanks rahul aka bullseye... loved your tight and 'whack'y post too!

  4. thanks ugich konitari :) it indeed means a lot to receive a compliment from you.

  5. oh my; even I have gone thru all these things! and I stay at Sunder Nagar..so I can even relate to you there as a neighbour!

    I don't wanna whack kasab; I wanna kill him!

    good luck for the contest :)

  6. sunder nagar in goregaon? damn now have we met before :)

  7. Hey, this is nicely written. All the best for your contest!

  8. Haath ki Safai seriously needs to dealt with Have seen instances when instead of helping the injured people indulge in such behaviour!
    And about the rickshaws, well just approach the nearest cop and the auto driver will come to his senses! Happened with me once when I had to go from Bandra to Jogeshwari (isn't that far enough?) but rickshaws refused because they wanted a long distance bhada. wth!
    Anyways, nicely written there maam :).

  9. Thanks for the appreciation arjit and nishant!

    abt rickshaws, you won't believe when i threatened one by noting down his number and telling him i'm reporting to the cop right away, all he said what "jisko complaint karna hai karo, aur apna number bh de do, police bulaayegi toh main aapko bata dunga!!!" his confidence made me believe he has some setting somewhere

  10. Haath ki safai is quite need of the hour issue ....
    gud compilation...
    And i can empathize with you regarding that train incident...


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