English ease a funny language

Eye love the language, and eye mean no offense hear.

But seriously, who coined the initial words / spellings of the most popular and one of my favourite languages?

Here are some examples that make me wonder:

Chivalry: If they want it to sound like shi-valry, why not spell it Shivalry? They use Chi for words like China, Chimpanzee, Child and Chicken. Imagine how these words would sound now if we go with the "Shi" version.

Then, Than: Do you have any idea how many students score less in exams just because of this E and A confusion? What's the logic? 

To, Two, Too: Seriously? The person who did this definitely wanted to earn the title - No one can beat me in English.
I go, They go: Then why She go'es' and He go'es'? Why the discrimination towards He and She?
Who deleted / inserted the U?: So, in some countries favour, saviour, etc. and in other countries favor, savior, etc. Imagine the plight of writers.

Chrysanthemum: Come on now, it has 11 of the 26 letters of the alphabet. Sure I was tempted to search "What Word Uses Every Letter in the Alphabet", thankfully there is no word... yet. 

Talking about alphabets, who coined the word ALPHABET? I bet, the person saying ALPHA-BETa-theta slept midway, someone overheard and coined the word.

Okay, that's eat four now... I mean that's it for now. See you around the A-Z Blogging challenge.


  1. Oh I completely agree with you. I am teaching my 5 year old phonics right now and really nothing makes any sense. English is a very funny language!

  2. Trying to explain sounds to children is tough when it comes to English!

  3. And I dread the day S goes to school....Imagine trying to explain all that to him phew !!!!!

  4. Excellent post. Why do we pronounce "nife" for knife? Why use the K when we don't need it.?

  5. When I was first correcting my son's kindergarten spelling, I came to the realization of how silly English was!! :D

  6. Anuradha, enjoyed this post. English is a very phunny language as Amitabh Bachchan says. :) You will enjoy Bahasa / Malay. Have a look at it.

  7. Ha ha! Was never able to explain to my daughter why light is not lite and lite is not light! Still, English has become the universal language. Sigh... And here we are interacting in the same. Good Post.

  8. I remember there is question asked by Dharmendra's character in Chupke CHupke..

    To is pronounced too, do is doo then why is go not gooo :P

  9. hahaha :D what creativity speciallt alpha beta theta part :D
    enjoyed reading it...

  10. Lol.. Two Good :P If some one had his/her way we would spell FISH as GH-O-TI (GH from trough, O from women, and TI from dictaTIon) :P

  11. I love your randomness Anu. So far Thizz izz my fav post. You forgot how the words are turned and twisted to make them stylish and also the SMS Sland U 4got :D
    GOod one

  12. awesome and original! Have read a number of peeves in my time - but this beats all. :)

  13. Your post is inspired by Chupke Chupke or you inspired it ?

  14. Dearest Creature in creation; Study English pronunciation
    (I challenge you to read this, out loud, in one go)

  15. English is a very phunny (funny) language ... as said in chupke chupke... :)

  16. Bring it more Anu..it is cool...

  17. Ha ha..reason why I shared the video with you on FB. :)

  18. Loved your post and u did earn the title - no one can beat me in satire ;)

  19. Hi. BlogwatiG's 'ray-come-end-a-shun' led me here. Wonderful blog.

    English is a funny language indeed. I don't think there are too many languages out there that have so many words that sound the same but mean different things. The list is endless - led-lead, read-reed, deer-dear, wear-where, politician-jackass, etc

    Blogrolling you.

    Do drop by mine. I do short stories (usually twisted), poor attempts at humour, poetry that even four year olds find unimpressive and socio-political posts that make me worthy of a party ticket.



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