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He has been working 24x7 for years together. Yet, the demands of those dependent on him do not stop. Earlier the demands were lesser and not that difficult to be met.

“I wish to buy that toy.”
“I want to learn karate.”
“I want a new shirt this Diwali.”
“I want to join that company.”
“I want to be richer than our neighbors.”
Et cetera. Et cetera. Et cetera.

But before he could know, expectations increased… a million times.

“I want Apple iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G + 3H + 3Y.”
“I want to be the next American Idol.”
“I want to buy a 3BHK this Diwali.”
“I want to start two new companies.”
“I want to be the richest person in the world.”
Et cetera. Et cetera. Et cetera.

He just wishes he could get a day’s rest. He totally deserves it.

But then, God does not have that liberty. All He can do is answer prayers and fulfill wishes, as many as He can. People keep disturbing Him and want Him to grant the most trivial wishes:
“God, I want it to rain this weekend so that I can stay back home. “
And even as He is about to fulfill this wish, another person demands:
“God, I don’t want it to rain this weekend… my daughter is getting married.”

Overworked and tired God is left with no choice - it showers at intervals! And eventually, instead of thanking Him, both the wishers complain for not fulfilling their wish.

He faces this problem every gillisecond (in God years). Millions of people across the world demanding contrary things at the same time! Worst still, they talk in technical language - OS 4.0, Signal Bug, Android 2.2 in Java script, Weblogs…

How on earth (I mean how on heaven) can He decipher when someone says, “Oh God, please let Android support in-app payments and changelogs”. He has to first go through crores of files (all right, just Google) to understand what on earth is an Android… He just created humans, animals, birds and trees!

Here’s wishing we fulfill God’s one wish – give Him a day off. Thoda kam wish karo… aaj ke din God ko chutti dedo! Let’s manage ‘big’ problems on our own for just one day – jeans getting tighter, charger not working, maid bunking, husband watching football, no new neighbors in Treasure Isle, colleague picking nose, cockroach in our room, hair fall, cool dude next door not giving any bhaav, wishing we win a blogging contest (oops)…

Looks like I’m getting an idea from Bruce Almighty? You think I should come up with a 100% original idea? You wish! I am not Tom Shadyac or HIM ;)

Psst... “God, let me come up with original ideas!”

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  1. Nice post. I think Hindus are better of than other religions. In other religions only one God has to take care of all the people. But there are many Gods in Hinduism. They can divide their responsibilities among themselves and share their work.

  2. hey SG... this is the cutest comment :) and i realised i still don't know ur name!

  3. Hey good try...

    I wish you a good luck for BATOM - 12

    Saravana Kumar - Wish

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  4. this is cool!!!
    u want a day off for god, am sure he must be mighty pleased with u :P
    very unique kind of post...
    best wishes for BAT12..

    "apple ipad with 3g, 3h, 3y" hahahs
    this is height :D

  5. lol..liked ur style of writing..yeah an we go on and on about wishing..and yep ppl have crazy wishes at times..my grandma used to wish that it rains during night and is sunny during the day when her house ws under construction..rain at night so tht there is no drought..lol..

  6. very well written. Brought a smile on my face as I kept on reading....Give god a day off? We never ever think that, do we?

    Vikram Pyati - Wish

  7. thanks for the wishes Saravana... liked the happy ending in ur story

  8. thanks guys for all the appreciation :)

    @vivek - i so wish that God is impressed with me ;) you got urself a very sweet and meaningful post too!
    @leo - wow you actually asked people what they eve wished for!!!
    @vikram - good story, great twist... poor genie

  9. hey...good one! nice to know that someone worries about God ;)
    All your wishes will surely come true now :P

  10. thanks mayur! hope God's reading this too ;)

  11. First time on your blog.Must say quite interesting. Hope your wish comes true !

  12. Nice and interesting. Made me to read till the end :)

    All da best for BATOM and do comment


  13. that was a neat take on the theme!

    best wishes for the contest!!

  14. Anu!
    Just awesome.
    This idea crossed my mind too, about how one wishes for something to happen and the other wishes for the same thing not to happen.!
    I was hoping someone would write about it. You wrote it, and conveyed such a powerful theme linking to the person who is at the hearing end of these WISHEs.
    One of the best i have read so far.

  15. thanks guys. i have visited your blogs and must admit each one of you have such amazing posts / pics! have commented on ur posts

    @magiceye - cudn't find your wish!

  16. haha.. gud u mentioned Bruce Almighty in the end as I hd made up my mind to cmmnt about it othrwise :p
    really light-hearted post.. nice read.. keep participating :)

  17. likd dis one....wonderful post....wish ya luck fr BAT 12...following u! :)

  18. Cheeky,but also chirpy !
    One can almost feel the vivaciousness in the words-and i think God has already answered your wish-your post makes for an amazing read !

  19. @vipul - i knew it! someone wud definitely connect Bruce Almighty... he he tht's why brought it in ;)
    @Maverick & Brijender - thanks guys for all the appreciation, makes me want to write more :)

  20. Interesting!!
    A day off for GOD!! OMG!! The next day he would have such a huge backlog!! :P
    All the best for BAT-12.
    Cheers :)

  21. thnks Shilpa... i never thought abt the backlog ;)

  22. not sure if the contest is already finished BUt hey all the best for it ..

    I liked where you show the change in expectations for a toy to IPAD.. sad truth of life though and what all we need to do to make thse cum true ...

  23. Superb!In the end fact remains GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES!
    I am new to the blog world and this happens to be my first comment.

  24. wow vimal! welcome to the blogging world!

  25. Hey nice post....

    First of all how you manage so many blogs together yaar.

    Writing and updating a a single blog take gud time...


  26. thanks vijay. well i try to.. not very successful in updating all the blogs these days though.


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