I am like that only ;)

I never got into the ‘tags’ things. I mean this type of tags; though my job includes working on meta tags ;)

In this tag started by IHM, you are supposed to list at least ten things you have ever wanted to do or have done which your gender is not supposed to be doing. I saw this on Neha’s blog and couldn’t resist:

Here it goes:
  1. I play computer games, PS2, Nintendo, Zapak…
  2. During school days, I would not miss any chance to play kabaddi and cricket. Since a few years of course, cricket is restricted to the one we play on computers / Ipods. Kabaddi… kabaddi… kabba… kab… ka… kk… kk… is completely gayab ;)
  3. I love to lazzzzze around and sleep until late
  4. On weekends, I hit the shower only in the evening when we have to step out of the house
  5. I don’t like to cook everyday
  6. I have offered seats in the bus to young and fit men who can only lean on your shoulders while standing
  7. I have hit hard and screamed at men in public who misbehaved
  8. I love to stand on the footboard of the train (the long distance ones) and stretch my neck out enjoying the speed
  9. I always wanted to play football in the mud and rain… alas the ground was always occupied by guys
  10.  I am elder than my spouse

I would like to tag Aparna, Keyur, Aseem, Ramesh,SloganMurugan, Chandru Bhojwani and Siddhesh. Anyone who wishes to take up this tag, please go ahead!


  1. ah, nice answers..we all have a wish to be of the opposite gender..especially it is common in case of girls..hai na? :)

  2. Now we know some more about you. Looks like you have a lot of guy stuff.

  3. Did you get my other comment? I had said computer games, laziness, kabbaddi and cricket are all sins against gender stereotypes for women!!

    I never dreamt of playing in rain and mud as a teenager, but sounds like a luxury, unless the field is a part of a school/club/college field.

    Traveling on footboard is kind of dangerous, and again a sin against gender stereotypes!!

    How did these guys react when you offered them your seat?

    Being elder to one's spouse is reserved for men so is hitting and screaming at someone who misbehaves!! You must join Blank Noise Blog - against Eve teasing or more accurately -'street sexual harassment of women'. You are definitely a pro at sinning against gender stereotypes!!

  4. @ Indian Home Maker - ya I did got your comment on the surname post. The guys I offered seat generally took it!!! thanks for the elaborate comment :)


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