Watched Telugu movie at CineMax

When my husband asked me the other day if I'd like to watch a Telugu movie with him and my mother-in-law, I said a quick yes. I made him assure me that he'll keep translating the dialogues since I barely understand the language.

Since it was a comedy movie (or I felt so), I followed it with ease except some 3-4 places where I had to request him to translate. Of course, whether I got the story right is a different question, but I did enjoy my self-understood version of the movie.

All I asked my hubby at the end of the movie was, "What was the name of the film?"


  1. I hope the climax and ending of this Telugu movie was as unexpected and as dramatic as the ending of your post.

  2. he he. not actually. a guy n gal in love, but parents the worst enemies of each other... and finally they convince the parents of their true love!

    just that some scenes in the movie were amazingly executed, else it was all dishum dishum and bhaaga bhaagi!

  3. and which one ws it?me and my frnds took t telugu movies too when v stayed in hyderabad for a short time..good for timepass..and the heroines were better than the ones we have :P

  4. i watched Maryada Ramanna... good fun!


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