Remembering college days - Addas in Bhavan's campus

It's Sunday morning and even after deciding that I'll stay away from computer, blogging, facebook... on Sundays, I find myself on this chair with my eyes stuck to the computer screen. This place (chair + computer table) has kinda become my adda in the house. Reminds me how we used to have these fixed addas in college

Now for those who don't know what adda means, the wiki definition says: In Hindi, adda is a noun, with the nominal form of the word meaning the location or nest of a group or community, usually shady people. The etymology can be traced to the original meaning of the word, which means the "perching spot or perch for birds".

Aam junta lingo / Annu's definition, adda is a place where you see a person / set of people hanging around daily. It's a fixed spot within a campus / locality.

Talking about addas, I think I should now pakaaofy you about our addas in Bhavan's College campus. This is part 2 of the Rememberring College Days series (Part 1 - Guptaji's Canteen):

We were a huge gang of Chemistry students. Those were the times when Shet Sir, as we called him, was the HOD of Chemistry department. Attending lectures used to be necessary for us coz if we didn't we had to miss our practicals on the following day (which could turn out to be a disaster coz the same analysis was never repeated in the lab... it would be a shock to get it in the practical exams).

Adda No. 1: A regular day would start very early in the morning with Science practicals and would be followed by lectures. We would have very little time to finish our lunch. So more often than not, we ended up occupying the 3-4 stairs' staircase leading to the Chemistry lab on the ground floor. It eventually became one of our addas. We would share our dabbas, the guys would check out the girls who passed by and occasionally we would all sing together (the golden oldies). In the beginning, the HOD obviously did not entertain us, but gradually as he saw that we did make it an adda but were good students as well, he started giving us a smile instead of trying to shoo us away! Those were the days!

Adda No. 2: Our other adda were the landmark benches in the garden area of the campus. Oh how we all would occupy them, 7-8 at one go sitting at every possible part of the bench. This adda gave us a 360 degree view of the campus and people looking for us would always find it easy to locate us.

Adda No. 3: Another adda of course was Guptaji's canteen.

Adda No. 4: At the risk of sounding nerd - during exams and TYBSc, the best-in-the-world reading room was the adda of a few of us. It was the best place to study and it did work wonders for us!

Now I am dying to visit the campus with all the college buddies. Who's joining?


  1. Very nicely written. Frozen memories.

  2. Focus addas were the jalebi stand,chaat corners, dabeli pavs :-)
    All near Charni Rd.

  3. he hehe are you trying to motivate me to write my Second part he hehe .. oh yeah we all had that particular adda , ours was the corridor leading to the canteen , and the whole college had to go through the otherside cause we sat in corridor :) excellent

  4. Reminded me of my college times! Nice post!

  5. @SG - thanks yaar... ur regular visits and comments make me want to write more as I know someone's reading :)

    @Sweet16 - no name in ur profile, I gather u r from focus but pls reveal the secret!

    Bikramjit - he he... ya maybe once u write the second part, i'll be motivated to write the third one ;)

  6. Read at wrong time.
    Already hungry and you reminded me of those staircase and how we use to run to get the only high chair (broken pillar on the left of the stairs).

    Suddenly I am starting to get smell of NH3 and H2S in this closed bus.

  7. @chaitanya - oh ya the staircase with broken pillar, it would happily accommodate all the bags and 2 people!


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