Remembering college days @ Bhavan's Andheri - Guptaji's Canteen

I  happened to land on Bikramjit's blog post about his college days and phir kya tha... cut to flashback and I could see my college days' memories floating between my eyes and my spectacles ;)

It's impossible to pen down the memories of my 5 years at Bhavan's College Andheri and 2 at SNDT Santacruz (both in Mumbai) in one single post. More than that, I'm certain no one would find it interesting to read 50-scroll long blog post ;) So I'll continue to blog as I do and on some days I'd write about my college life and memories.

Let me start with Guptaji's canteen. It was right before the main entrance of Bhavan's college and provided us with all the junk food to keep us active before and after lectures (ya... I did attend the lectures until January every year). I haven't been to the campus for a long time now so am clueless if the canteen still exists and by the same name. There were hardly 8 tables at Guptaji's canteen and we would always wait for our turn to get a place... despite the fact that there was Shetty's canteen and the college canteen within 1-2 minutes walking distance. It kinda became one of our addas. I remember how Guptaji would talk very nicely to all of us and he had an amazing ability to remember all the students! I once visited a couple of years after graduating and he did remember me! Oh the sandwiches, chaat, vada pavs, cold drinks and little bit free gyaan from him. And I remember the occasional Parle G with chai just before the science practicals.

And the habits... like Jignesh would always rinse his mouth after having chai with an amazing reason - the water will rinse away the chai-waala sugar accidentlally deposited in his mouth and save him from cavities! Then there was this guy from some coaching classes who was kinda pestering me. I suppose Bharati came to canteen and told us that this guy was inquiring about me in the college (he was not from Bhavan's). Within no time, our guy gang (I think at that time we were in the canteen with Apurva, Chaitanya and Swapnil... sorry if I missed someone) walked out of the canteen. They were back within an hour and assured me that the guy will never bother me again. He never did. And I still don't know what they did. They apparently gave him some story! Thanks guys! And how can I forget talking nineteen to the dozen with Sush, Varsha, Polly, Sonu, Kalpana. And chatting up with Ankush, Ashu, Amol, Dhawal, Santosh, Romanus, Shailesh, Ankit, Neeta, Anita, Neetu, Saloni, Shweta... (oops... am sure I'm missing out on many names) And the giggles, the laughter and all the masti mazaak! Wish the days could return. But I am glad we all are still in touch 12 years after graduating... touch wood!


  1. Nice post. Memories. Sweet memories. By the way, your friends would not have given some story to the guy who was bothering you. They would have beat the crap out of him.

  2. he he... maybe... but then they won't opt for beating up, they are smart talkers ;)

  3. 12 yrs is a long time and it's only feels like a few yrs back. Nice post.... Keep it going, maybe we need a chain email or yahoo group to see how we are all doing.

  4. yes ankush... when i started counting the years i was shocked to see it has been over a decade! time flies... and some friends fly abroad ;) thanks to technology, we all are in touch

  5. I know exactly what they would have done .. as thats what we would have done.. go up to the guy, catch hold of him.. Get him into the cycle stand and Hold him there.. and Beat him up nice and proper .. Then Taken his pants off and asked him to GET LOST ...
    No wonder he will never show his face :)

    College times are very nostalgic.. for me they were, I made friends for life there and now they are all ver the world.. recently i had a problem with someone in america and my friends ravi-ajay and all wanted to get hold of this guys address and go pay him a visit ...

    SO college friends are for life ...
    A very good post Reminds me of canteen :)

  6. @ bikramjit - baap re... too much! but true, college days are the best times!


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