Did he say Yes?
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Filing Returns or Returning Files?

It occurred to me
while watching X-Files

I had sent him some
very important files

So I called the tax guy
who was all smiles

As I said with confidence,
"Return my files, return my files!"

The redundant Delhi vs Mumbai argument

As a kid, Delhi was my summer vacation destination. When we were in school, at least once during our Delhi stay, the Mumbai vs Delhi argument would come up. I and my brother used to defend Mumbai (then Bombay) like how -
"We get tasty Vada Pav in Bombay."
"We have so many local trains."

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When life gives you lemons

My version of the phrase is: When life gives you lemons, just take them. Lemons are pretty expensive now. Yesterday, I went veggie shopping and the vendor quoted INR 5 for one tiny lemon. Seriously? Really unfair this summer. Talk about lemonade!

But on a serious note, the phrase really guides us in tough times. Look at the amazing people who did so well despite the lemons life threw at them and I bet you'll be so inspired:
Ludwig van Beethoven: Who hasn't heard the German composer and pianist! 

Phone number

Did anyone ever ask you for your phone number?

Did you give your phone number to someone?

What? To all the people listed in your contacts?

Then, when you have given your phone number, how come you still have that number?

*Running away at full speed ; )

PS: This PJ post is specially written as part of my participation in April A to Z Challenge 2014.
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