It was unplanned!

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I have been missing in action in the wide world of blogging (one post each in 2016 and 2017... ouch!). A new little chapter began in my life in August 2016. I was totally new to the experience and taking one day at a time. I had anticipated an increased amount of work, but I had no idea about the quantum of efforts required.

With great responsibility comes great deal of work! (Spider-Man's Uncle Ben never mentioned that, right?)

So, well, I started Hopasholic (our gift shop in Panvel that has everything from party supplies to toys and accessories) in August 2016 and it has kept me busy all this while. Sourcing, pricing, selling, promotions and what not! Add to it some freelance writing assignments. And then I discovered the power of Instagram when my youngest customers said, "Facebook is old, we all are on Instagram, you should be there!"

What can I say, blogging took a backseat and it was totally unplanned. So, I am back to blogging either here or on my other blog Fibromyalgia Awareness and will try to write regularly, if not daily. That's the plan!

BTW A-Z challenge is coming up, right? Are you participating?

Life of I

Life of I (and Richa Parker)
Cast: Richa Parker, I
(This was definitely not our reference pattern when we did carpeting at our store!)
Blame it on our superb imitation flowers or the wood like flooring, two days on and the reptile feels home (I mean garden) already!
I tried to shoo it away, she didn't leave.
So I stepped out myself at intervals hoping that maybe she likes me and she might follow me out. Negative.
Now, we coexist at different corners ot the store.
I can't risk my sales every time I have to step out of the store fearing her. It's time to settle this. If we're going to live together, we have to learn to communicate. Maybe Richa Parker can't be tamed — but with my will she can be trained.
True story.

Gift shopping experience in Panvel

It's the era of online shopping. And we are all saving time and money with all those online 'sales'.

But there's something very special about visiting a brick and mortar store for shopping, isn't it? Especially when it comes to last-minute gifting and party preparations! Or home decor during the busy festival season for that instance.

Checking out individual products, holding them in your hands, feeling the texture, knowing the exact dimensions of the product... well it has its own benefits. Most importantly, it is a refreshing feeling, kind of a stress buster.

Hopasholic, brings to you this very experience and much more! It is an exclusive gift shop in Panvel that also offers a wide range of party supplies, artificial flowers and home decor products.

Hopasholic appeals to all your senses!

The sense of touch: All the products at Hopasholic enjoy an open display. You need not ask anyone to pick out something from a closed glass cabinet. You are free to check out the products yourself.

The sense of smell: There's a delightful range of aroma candles with pure essential oils to soothe your senses. Saffron, Rose, Lavender, Chocolate, Rose... just one whiff and you will want to bring those pretty wonders home.

The sense of sight: Walk in to the store and the tastefully decorated interiors will make you go wow! That apart, the handpicked selection of products will only want to spend more time at Hopasholic. While the collection of lamps will de'light' you, the array of colourful products placed against the soothing backdrop of white walls will refresh you.

The sense of sound: Enjoy the melodic sound of wind chimes, shop for cute musical gifts and hear the laughter of your kids as they enjoy the amazing musical toys at Hopasholic.

Now you may ask what about the fifth sense of taste! Well, all our customers have said that we have an awesome taste when it comes to product selection :) So that's assured!

So, gift yourself that much needed retail therapy for real! Visit Hopasholic and experience the joys of shopping and window shopping :)

Address: 17, National Palace II, D Wing, Takka, Panvel, Navi Mumbai.
Landmark: State Bank of Travancore (SBT)

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Say "Haanji" to the Superfast 4G

An airline just announced a special offer of flight bookings at just Rs. 799 (of course, with the infamous asterisk symbol indicating "taxes excluded"). It requires you to simply download the app and the offer is valid for just 24 hours. You know the drill that happens across the nation and you know how the Murphy's law loves you - Thousands would book the tickets and all the best dates and locations would be unavailable before you know!

So, you decide that this time you would not waste any moment and book that long pending Goa trip right away. You wonder why you never had that airline's app on your phone (c'mon, why would you if they never announced such a tempting offer until this day!).

So you take the usual path:
Play Store -> Search for app -> Install -> Wait until that irritating blue line completes its journey over the grey line at a snail's pace so that the Open App button appears!

Ouch! Those few seconds / minutes feel like a lifetime, isn't it? Even after the app starts, entering those dates, checking availability, blah, blah, blah... takes forever. And needless to say, by the time you find what you want, Murphy's law wins hands down and teases you with "Not Available"!

And there goes Goa!

C'mon! You can do better.

Haanji, now the superfast 4G has arrived! It is the answer to your every "If only..."

  • If only, that latest game downloaded faster.
  • If only you could find the nearest best restaurant as soon as the hunger pangs attacked on that long road trip.
  • If only the movie downloaded faster.
  • If only I could book the tickets before they were sold out.
  • If only my GPS loaded faster.
  • If only all my 100+ party pics got uploaded while I was still partying!
  • If only I could whatsapp my boyfriend that dad is home before he rang the bell ;)

Yes, Airtel 4G has arrived and how! It's your wish come true at the blink of an eye. Don't take my word for it, the Airtel Challenge proves it all - If your network is faster, they'll pay your mobile bills for life! That's how confident they are, so the 4G definitely is way faster than whatever you have experienced till date.

And here's the icing on the cake - You can enjoy #Airtel4G at the SAME PRICE as 3G!!!

Still feel it is too good to be true? Well, how about visiting your nearest Airtel store for a demo of the fastest network ever! Just step in to the store on your way back home today and your internet speed would always bring a smile to you.

Save it!

What is probably the most commonly saved thing in the Universe?





Five-Sentence Fiction: The Red Lipstick

He entered the house full of a dozen women and faked a smile. They kept staring at him and then they looked at her.

She was embarrassed and furious at the same time. He opted for a jeans and a tee instead of the formals she had instructed him to wear, but at least, he could have wiped off the red lipstick, especially when she had told him earlier that she would be inviting her friends over.

She had told them that he was an investment banker, but he loved being a clown and wearing that red lipstick!


The cat who couldn't frighten a mouse away

She brought home a new mouse, white like a snowflake and with a surprisingly long tail. Her cat didn't like how she spent all the time with her new pet now. She petted the mouse all the time... while working, while reading and even while eating.

The envious cat couldn't scare the mouse away. It waited for the right moment and eventually, when she went to the balcony to attend a call, the cat chewed away the mouse cord!

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Five-Sentence Fiction: Excel with a smile

She decided to wear one of the four XL-sized tees she had bought online. She missed fitting in the medium-sized outfits stuffed in her wardrobe. Oh, the side effects of medication!

The tags of the new tees irritated her and she just couldn't remember where she had kept the scissor. She wore a new tee nevertheless and accessorized it with her smile, like always.

Note: She had Fibromyalgia, a chronic illness with umpteen symptoms including excruciating widespread pain, hypersensitivity and memory issues.

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Five-Sentence Fiction: Penny

He knocked on her door in his trademark style, "Penny, Penny, Penny."

She didn't  answer the door. He tried several times, but in vain.

She had gained pounds and didn't relate to the word Penny anymore.


3 Reasons reason why "S" gets kicked out

Ever wondered why was the letter "S" spared from the names of some numbers? Why aren't 200, 300, 400, etc. called Two Hundreds, Three Hundreds, Four Hundreds and so on?

Perhaps, the letter "S" was too overworked among the set of consonants.

My belief is mostly based on my own baseless logic and one fact. 
  1. Most of my friends' names begin with the letter "S" or have the letter "S". For instance, my friends include Sushmita, Sudakshina, Sandeep, Sagarika, Sanjeev, Sakshi, Salma, Saru... the list is long and as I would have said in a speech had I received an award, "I am sorry if I missed anyone's name here!"
  2. The plurals! Poor "S" got its ass kicked like how! Thank God for Men, Women and Children who saved some usage of the letter's plural overwork!