Gift shopping experience in Panvel

It's the era of online shopping. And we are all saving time and money with all those online 'sales'.

But there's something very special about visiting a brick and mortar store for shopping, isn't it? Especially when it comes to last-minute gifting and party preparations! Or home decor during the busy festival season for that instance.

Checking out individual products, holding them in your hands, feeling the texture, knowing the exact dimensions of the product... well it has its own benefits. Most importantly, it is a refreshing feeling, kind of a stress buster.

Hopasholic, brings to you this very experience and much more! It is an exclusive gift shop in Panvel that also offers a wide range of party supplies, artificial flowers and home decor products.

Hopasholic appeals to all your senses!

The sense of touch: All the products at Hopasholic enjoy an open display. You need not ask anyone to pick out something from a closed glass cabinet. You are free to check out the products yourself.

The sense of smell: There's a delightful range of aroma candles with pure essential oils to soothe your senses. Saffron, Rose, Lavender, Chocolate, Rose... just one whiff and you will want to bring those pretty wonders home.

The sense of sight: Walk in to the store and the tastefully decorated interiors will make you go wow! That apart, the handpicked selection of products will only want to spend more time at Hopasholic. While the collection of lamps will de'light' you, the array of colourful products placed against the soothing backdrop of white walls will refresh you.

The sense of sound: Enjoy the melodic sound of wind chimes, shop for cute musical gifts and hear the laughter of your kids as they enjoy the amazing musical toys at Hopasholic.

Now you may ask what about the fifth sense of taste! Well, all our customers have said that we have an awesome taste when it comes to product selection :) So that's assured!

So, gift yourself that much needed retail therapy for real! Visit Hopasholic and experience the joys of shopping and window shopping :)

Address: 17, National Palace II, D Wing, Takka, Panvel, Navi Mumbai.
Landmark: State Bank of Travancore (SBT)

Locate Hopasholic on Map.

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