Say "Haanji" to the Superfast 4G

An airline just announced a special offer of flight bookings at just Rs. 799 (of course, with the infamous asterisk symbol indicating "taxes excluded"). It requires you to simply download the app and the offer is valid for just 24 hours. You know the drill that happens across the nation and you know how the Murphy's law loves you - Thousands would book the tickets and all the best dates and locations would be unavailable before you know!

So, you decide that this time you would not waste any moment and book that long pending Goa trip right away. You wonder why you never had that airline's app on your phone (c'mon, why would you if they never announced such a tempting offer until this day!).

So you take the usual path:
Play Store -> Search for app -> Install -> Wait until that irritating blue line completes its journey over the grey line at a snail's pace so that the Open App button appears!

Ouch! Those few seconds / minutes feel like a lifetime, isn't it? Even after the app starts, entering those dates, checking availability, blah, blah, blah... takes forever. And needless to say, by the time you find what you want, Murphy's law wins hands down and teases you with "Not Available"!

And there goes Goa!

C'mon! You can do better.

Haanji, now the superfast 4G has arrived! It is the answer to your every "If only..."

  • If only, that latest game downloaded faster.
  • If only you could find the nearest best restaurant as soon as the hunger pangs attacked on that long road trip.
  • If only the movie downloaded faster.
  • If only I could book the tickets before they were sold out.
  • If only my GPS loaded faster.
  • If only all my 100+ party pics got uploaded while I was still partying!
  • If only I could whatsapp my boyfriend that dad is home before he rang the bell ;)

Yes, Airtel 4G has arrived and how! It's your wish come true at the blink of an eye. Don't take my word for it, the Airtel Challenge proves it all - If your network is faster, they'll pay your mobile bills for life! That's how confident they are, so the 4G definitely is way faster than whatever you have experienced till date.

And here's the icing on the cake - You can enjoy #Airtel4G at the SAME PRICE as 3G!!!

Still feel it is too good to be true? Well, how about visiting your nearest Airtel store for a demo of the fastest network ever! Just step in to the store on your way back home today and your internet speed would always bring a smile to you.

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