God is in each one of us. How?

So, when we are in trouble, we first pray to God as a habit. Here are some examples:
  1. "Oh God, I am late, please do something. My boss is already mad at me"
  2. "Oh God, the guests will reach home anytime and there are clothes everywhere. I am in such a mess, please help me."
  3. "Oh God, I can't find my nail paint remover and I have to leave for this party in 10. Please help."
Then, we wait for a little while. No help arrives. God is too busy, obviously. We find some temporary / permanent solution in a jiffy. Consider the examples again:
  1. We run out of the house, run to the auto rickshaw, agree to pay extra / race our car at times, we run to get into the train, the lift, our workstation... Phew, we somehow make it to work in time or at least in a way that the boss doesn't notice it.
  2. We dump everything inside the wardrobe and ensure it is not opened in presence of the guests.
  3. We apply a couple of extra coats on the chipped off nail paint.

God = X
We = Y
Who help themselves = Z

They say, God helps those who help themselves.

X helps Z.

Since we helped ourselves, we become "who helps themselves".

Therefore, Z = Y.

So, X helps Y.

But it wasn't actually X who helped, coz God was busy and could not come to help.
So actually We i.e. Y helped.

Hence, Y helps Y.

Applying this logic to the original saying:
God helps those who help themselves = We help ourselves
Hence, in the above saying, God ~ We
Hence, God is in each one of us.

Thank God!
Day 7 - D: This PJ post is specially written as part of my participation in April A to Z Challenge 2014.

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  1. Wow..What logic!! Hail Anu!!!!! Hail Anu!!!!! LOL

  2. hahaha! What a logic Anu!! :D Only you can come up with this...

    Random Thoughts Naba

  3. I enjoyed the logic. If God helps those who help themselves, why are such people called thieves & burglars and put behind bars? They are also helping themselves (to jewlery, high value things, money, etc), aren't they? :)

  4. What logic! Even God must be confused.

  5. ha ha ha Anu, at this rate I need another trip to Lonavala.....hmmmmphhh :D


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