Friend in need is a friend indeed

For a minute, forget the story you heard. Seriously, now don't try to remember.

Now read the phrase carefully.
A Friend in need is a friend indeed[Okay, I ate the "A" in the title but I am making a strong point here about F for Friend]

It actually, grammatically, means this:
A friend, who is in need, is a friend indeed.

So all our friends, at least at one point in time, have been our friends indeed ; )

For those who do not know the story behind this saying, here it is.


  1. Everytime I read your post I end up with a big smile :D

  2. your interpretation.

  3. Thank you so much Nabanita and Janaki!!!

  4. Interesting interpretation of the adage. Reminded me of a song:

    Catch a tail by the tiger
    Take the horns by the bull
    A bird in need is a friend indeed
    So pull the eyes over the wool

    The braver way of doing things :D

  5. Haha I agree. I am glad I found you. You always give me smile when I need one. :)

  6. A friend in need is a fiend indeed.

  7. It is all about where we place the comma. :D

  8. Love the way u tweaked the quote. Ofcourse some one who is in need their frndship bond becomes stronger :)

  9. I caught on to the joke again :D predicted it :P but still left with a smile.

  10. Which is why grammar matters

  11. I remember that expression - it's a good expression!

  12. I love your take on the phrase :D


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