Housemaid, housemaid, come again!

Yeh daulat bhi le lo, yeh shoharat bhi le lo
Bhale cheen lo mujhse meri jawaani 
Magar mujhko lauta do meri woh bai
Woh chamakte huey bartan, woh room ki safaai

And this one goes too!!! Finding a housemaid / domestic help in Mumbai (esp Navi Mumbai) is a tough task. Finding a good, tikau and reasonable one is tougher than finding a kumbh ke mele mein lost brother! The latest was the best housemaid I ever came across ever since I shifted to Navi Mumbai. She's really sweet, great at her work and does not indulge in gossip! And for some reason, she disappeared and it appears she might not join back.

Now if it was just our family in the building looking for some help, it would have bean easier. But considering that the nice female was employed in many households in the same building, the competition is tough. And obviously, the other housemaids working in the 'lucky' homes (who still have them) are taking too much bhaav... bhaav as in importance as well as money-waala bhaav. After all ladies from at least 5 flats in the building are vying for their services! I'm optimistic that I should be pessimistic about having a new housemaid in the next few days. So if you notice me being less active online since the last week, it's coz of the household chores machaaying shor! Gotta go now, time to take care of utensils...


  1. :) best wishes!!

    also my sympathies with you at this moment of loss. hope you regain your help soonest!!!!!

  2. Its easy to reach moon but difficult to find a good housemaid!

  3. I thought it's my mother writing here, coz you spoke her mind here! :p

  4. kaam wali ka intezaar to sari duniya kar rahi hai...lelekin ek baat samajh lo in baiyon ko kam parlaana mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai.

  5. I know that in Navi Mumbai, its really difficult to get a maid. Hope your maid turns up.


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