And humans could fly! But could they all land safely?

We humans always wish for things we don't have. So once we wanted to fly. Some people felt it's absurd, but Wright Brothers, Wilbur and Orville, designed their first aircraft and then many others made inventions... and humans could fly up above the world so high! Great... really?

Ever since we started flying, there have been thousands of plane crashes. Humans always wished and prayed that they could fly. Who spoke about landing safely??? Over the years, newer and better air carriers kept coming up. Why wasn't so much emphasis given on 100% safe landings?

Listed below are some statistics compiled by ACRO based on aviation accidents of aircrafts capable of carrying more than six passengers, not including helicopters, balloons, or fighter airplanes. Source - Wikipedia.
year deaths no. of accidents
2009 1,103 122
2008 884 156
2007 971 147
2006 1,294 166
2005 1,459 185
2004 771 172
2003 1,230 199
2002 1,413 185
2001 1,534 200
2000 1,582 189
1999 1,138 211

I know I'm not proficient enough to design a foolproof something. But among millions and millions of us, isn't anyone capable of designing a crash-free aircraft???

Today (12th May, 2010) at Tripoli airport, a Libyan plane from South Africa crashed killing all 105 people on board. All passengers and crew members died! Geniuses in the world, please come up with something so that flying becomes a really wonderful and stress free experience. So that we need not pray for safe landing every time we take a flight.

My condolences to the families of those who suffered such loss.


  1. we live in a imperfect world....:D

  2. I appreciate your concern. "To err is to human"

    I think technology can never be made to work perfect because the challenges keep on changing. The external world is too dynamic for a static technology to handle!

  3. You have 19 blogs! I visited few of them: Something on mumbai locals, Couch Potato,Brands and Branding, and few others. Few which sounded interesting and few which rose my interest! appreciate the way you have categorised your thoughts!

  4. hey thanks for the appreciation karan. well, i just try to keep them updated!

  5. Any accident and any death is a tragedy. No doubt about it. Plane is the only mode of transportation that is "near perfect". There are 4.5 million people travel by plane IN A DAY (not in a year). Multiply that by 365 days. Yet, in 2009 only 1103 deaths.


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