Game baja daala!

My husband loves games... and unlike other women, I love this! Before marriage, when I felt like playing computer games with someone, I had to go on Zapak for multiplayer games. Not anymore. Coz Mrinal is the complete PlayStation, Nintendo and computer games guy! And now we play together... no need to find strangers online anymore!!! Another great thing is that now my special occasions gifts range from iPod Touch with great games already added to Nintendo to gaming CDs!

And now that we both are on vacation, it's like those summer holidays again. Looks like soon our daily conversation vocab would include:

  • Let's have "Fruits" for breakfast, we'll get more energy
  • I'm worse than a cat, I've just got "1 Life"
  • There's water shortage today, let's "Tap it" to fill buckets
  • Shopper's Stop has announced Sale, let's "Run"
  • Let's "Jump" for dinner
  • My "energy is low"... time to go to sleep


  1. man thats too osssum, i need a wife who can beat my high score in world of warcraft....B-)

  2. start with playing lighter games first ;) then she might gradually get used to these ones!

  3. Nice analogy! Havent found many ladies who would appreciate computer games! Nice to know abt it... ;)

  4. I am glad you both are having a good time.

  5. PS: An award is waiting for you at my blog! Congratulations!

  6. wow karan! that's my first ever blog award! am so honoured :)


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